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By: Liza Smith

How to properly measure a room to determine the size of the carpet you should buy. We also give advice on choosing the right model or tapis sur mesure (custom rugs)for your room.How to measure a room to determine the overall size you need: For living rooms, family rest rooms and houses, all their furniture in which he believes is best for the environment. Measure the open space on the sofa and chairs, making sure that when you sit, your feet should be on the carpet. No "float" a carpet in a room! Anchor the carpet furniture.

1)Leave about 8 inches of exposed floor around the side skirting. More than a carpet is acceptable.

2)If you put the rug on wood, tile or carpet, be sure to get the padding required for each surface. Read the section below the carpet pad.

3)In the dining room chairs, pull off the table as you sit on both sides and ends. Now measure from the back legs of the chairs of the width and length. Add 8 inches for this process. This will give you the required minimum size of the carpet.

4)In the room where the carpet is under the bed is 3 meters on each side of the bed.

5)Try to avoid the carpet ends up in the middle of the doors or archway openings.

Here are some general things to consider before you go shopping for a carpet or tapis sur mesure:

1)Bring swatches, decorative pillows, paint chips, etc. for color adjustment.

2)The size of the room and the carpet all you need,

3)First measure. See above for measurement instructions.

What is the space-warp

Remember to take into account factors such as high traffic areas, bathrooms, barefoot or in areas where design makes a difference.Carpet is probably the biggest splash of color to the room. If you have the luxury of decorating the floor, then carpet and then choose to merge with the indoor carpet. Next should come from the window treatments and walls.
If you buy the rug for your decor and window treatments, be sure to match your colors as closely as possible.When you go shopping remember to bring samples of colors, decorative pillows, paint chips, etc. for color adjustment.

Color and size

A carpet may be the biggest explosion of color in the room or the simple and delicate accent. We accentuate the furniture and decor that has told you or buy the will. If you are decorating a room from scratch, you can decorate the base. Most designers find it much easier to select fabrics to complement a blanket in reverse. Therefore, the shopping is a great place to start decorating.
Whether you buy new furniture or using what you know exactly where the furniture will be placed to help you find a rug that highlights the room. If you are considering buying new furniture, take measurements of each piece that you bought or will buy and plot each point on the graph paper where you expect it to go. If you use what you own, move furniture in the positions you prefer. Thus, using the measuring guide, decide what size rug would work best out of the room.The size of the rug with the colors of the carpet will give you a guide to how much impact you can expect to have the piece. For more impact you need to use more vivid colors and bold lines. If you want your mats to be less of a focal point and simply add heat to the room dimmed, then choose a carpet color or neutral colors and softer lines. If you want a rug with varying degrees of impact, if you buy a rug that is too small, will be visually "reduce" room.The colors of your carpet to complement the upholstery of your current or new furniture. Therefore, it is good to take a sample with you when shopping for a rug. If you are shopping on the web, please contact the vendor to verify that the colors of the rug with the upholstery work.Once you have chosen a carpet that complements the styles of furniture and furnishings, you can buy window treatments and wall color then.


If you have a carpet design that incorporates a central medallion, the medallion should be centered with the center of the bed or under a table centered. If you think your carpet will stay downtown, then choose a design only to avoid the release of his room out of balance.If you put a carpet in a small room, choose a small model to make the room seem larger. A large size of the room seems too messy.If you have furniture with a floral motif, you can also choose the carpet, a floral pattern. Make sure, however, the whole pattern is not the same to avoid losing interest in the visual room.

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