A Glimpse Of The Birth Of Photography

By: Alberto Maeses

It was the French who can be credited with inventing the photographic process and it all began back in 1827. The historical event took place when Joseph Nicephore Niepce produced the first ever picture. However, he was not alone in his experimentations because there were other Frenchmen who were also working on the same process.

Two Other French Guys

In fact, two years later in 1829 a French painter named Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre and a friend named Joseph Nicephore Niepce picked up where the first Frenchman left off and began perfecting on the process.

The Product of their Work

One thing that these two men managed to do while working in collusion was to decrease the time that it took from start to finish to create a picture. The development timeframe of the first photo in 1827 took around 8 hours but it was later reduced to half an hour thru the concerted effort of these two French men.

Photos + Graphing = Photograph

It wasn't until 1839 that the word photograph was even spoken though. It was coined by a scientist whose name is John Herschel by combining 2 Greek terms. Those two words are photos, which means light in Greek and graphein which means to draw.

The Negative is Invented

One significant landmark occurred in the early part of 1850 when one person in the name of William Talbot invented the use of photographic negative for producing many photo copies.

The Pioneer Mass Production of Box Camera

However, it was the introduction of the first mass produced box camera by George Eastman in 1889 which paved the way for the emergence of photography . Not only did he forge the concept of mass produced cameras but he also created a much more practical type of film to go with his new inventions.

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