A Gas Pressure Washer – When Electric Doesn't Cut It

By: Terry Kyle

When you are ready to get serious, a gas pressure washer is the ticket for you.

Sure, there are powerful electric power washers, but the gas powered units are just out of control. Imagine blasting away dirt and grime right down to the metal.

Yep, with a gas powered washer, you can get more than 3,000 PSI of water pressure, enough to strip paint from most surfaces, and enough to carve your initials in the wood deck (not recommended, just saying). These units find their homes often in industrial environments where large jobs are a daily occurrence and there is plenty of work to be done and not enough time to do it. Gas fired washers are versatile because you are not tethered to the electrical supply.

This means you can be out in the woods or wherever you need to be without looking for an outlet.

Gas pressure washers come in hot and cold water varieties.

The hot water units are typically used in really tough environments where greasy stains are common. Food processing plants and municipal vehicle repair stations are typical candidates for powerful hot water power washers. When you need to clean up tough stains and do it in a hurry, a hot water unit can't be beat. Hot water dissolves dirt and grime much more effectively than cold water does. There are many applications that don't need hot water, however. An example would be power washing seating in a stadium. The seats get dirty from all the traffic and usage. Power washing the seats with cold water and soap is easy and effective. Imagine heating up enough water to clean an entire stadium of seats.

The fuel costs would be enormous.

Other uses for cold water power washers are cleaning fencing, sidewalks, etc., anything that involves removing dirt and debris in hard to reach areas.

Whatever kind of gas pressure washer you choose, hot or cold water, make sure you have a unit with an appropriate PSI rating and the right attachments. Different attachments are for different jobs. A simple call or visit to a manufacturer's website can save you a lot of grief. There are attachments like water brooms with multiple nozzles for flooring, power rotating water driven brushes for siding and flooring, spray kits with multiple nozzles for wide or narrow spray areas.

There are tons of attachments available and getting the right one will save you hours of work.

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