A Fresh View For Body Rub Specialists

By: Dianna Smith

Are you a body rub specialist? Tired of sites that don't bring you the caliber of customers you're looking for? Tired of the unprofessional, the disrespectful, and the call and don't shows? Maybe you're tired of the way people look at the word body rub, when it's completly legal and legit when it's done right. Or perhaps, tired of spending money on an ad that never seems to work for you. I too, have been where you are and wished for a refreshing view on things and needed new websites to advertise on. And so now, I bring to you the top three sites that are guaranteed to help you get a fresh look.

I am excited to bring you one of the internets best kept secrets about body rubs. This site is known as Body Rub USA. This is a site that was specifically designed for people like you -- legitimate body rub specialists who are just trying to make it. This site is great because they do not tolerate any ads that promote prostitution for any reason. The site is a place where people can just go to find a simple relaxing body rub, when they want to get away from the stresses of life and escape for a little while. A body rub is simply meant for relaxation of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person through moisturization of the skin. This is NOT a liscense to do prostitution, which is completely illegal. A massage is done by a Liscensed Massage Therapist, and it is meant to heal. Thus, the difference between a body rub and a massage. There is a $5 fee to be able to post on this site, but I have found it to be very useful. I can get anywhere from 20 - 30 calls a day just from advertising on this site. The brilliance in this site being founded is amazing, and I highly reccommend it to anyone!

My second best site that I would advise for you is Craigslist.com. However, they did take out there adulot services section, but your best bet is to post your body rubs in the creeative services section or domestic services section. This site always gets you calls no matter what, plus it's free, so really you can't lose anything except 5 minutes of your time to put an ad up.The traffic Craigslist gets is amazing, so it's well worth the effort to put an ad up.

The site we are all most familiar with, and at times frustrated with is Backpage.com. As you are all aware, Backpage is one of the most popular body rub sites to post your bodyrubs on. However, after doing quite a bit of research on this site within the last 2 years, I have found that not all is as it seems. Try finding a body rub specialist on here that is legitimate and legal and it is rare. The escorts have torn up the body rub section with trashy ads and it makes it harder for the legit body rub specialist trying to make a decent living. But, you can find them in here --- rare diamonds among rough stones. Backpage can cost anywhere from $1 and even up to $10 to post your ads. As they take them down and you may need to repost. So enjoy these sites all together. They really work!

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http://bodyrubusa is by far the best place to post your body rub ads and to find the professional client, also if you are looking for a legal, legitimate, quality body rub, then this is the place to go!

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