A Free Method Of Driving Traffic To Your Websites

By: John Woon

Copyright© 2006 John Woon (Sung-Liang Woon)

Many successful Internet marketers have found out that one of the best ways to drive traffic to their websites is by writing articles. Getting their own articles written, distributed and published on the Internet is one of the very best Internet marketing techniques in existence.

An author of a good article usually becomes an instant authority because visitors could obtain some useful information from it to help them in their own business. As a result, it is very likely that they would click the link in your article resource box to visit your website to get more information. Also, the chances of them signing up with you in one of your recommended business opportunities or buy one of your recommended products would be greatly enhanced.

Some marketers might decide to write their own articles if they have the ability to do so while others might choose to join an article cooperative to get access to private label articles or hire someone to write articles for them.

There are three possible routes opened to Internet marketers:

1) Conduct Own Research and Write Your Own Articles.
Those who choose to write their own articles enjoy the advantage that it is "free" and it would give them a sense of pride in accomplishment. There are a wide range of subjects to write about but it is advisable to stick to those relevant to the current businesses the writers are involved in. The disadvantage is that it could be time consuming to conduct some basic research work.

2) Join An Article Cooperative to Get Pre-written Articles.
Hundreds of pre-written articles could be obtained for free or a small fee. From these you could choose those discussing subjects related to the content of your website. These are commonly known as the "Private label articles” which you have full permission to use and also add your own name and article resource box to the article as the author.

3) Hire Someone to Write Articles For You.
Some might find writing own articles too much a hassle especially when they are new to this business or if they do not fancy pre-written articles due to lack of originality, writing articles using ghost writing service could be a possibility to put their own ideas into writing

2) For article marketing on the Internet, articles written with between 400-700 words would suffice. It goes without saying that your articles must be relevant to your Internet business. Hence topic of your articles should be related to: "working at home", "home based business", "Internet marketing", "making money online", "promoting a website", etc.

Below are some routes you can use to maximize the readership of your articles:

1) Article Directories
The best practice is submitting your articles to Article Directories. Many publishers of websites, blogs, and ezines visit the sites of these Directories. Hence your articles will be quickly exposed to people who have a large amount of traffic.

2) Article Lists/Newsletters
You could also submit your articles to article lists such as newsletters on Yahoo and Topica. Articles from such sources are normally better received by publishers. As a result, when a submission is done by you via an article list, publishers have more confidence in your articles and would very likely use them.

3) Individual Related Websites
Most websites are focussing on providing valuable information and educational materials to their readers. You could submit your articles to these sites if your articles are relevant to what they need. It is best that you only contact sites where the readers would have an interest in the topic of your article.

4) Ezine Directories
When your articles have been submitted to directories and article lists as mentioned earlier, you could start contacting individual publishers such as the publishers of ezines that are related to your topic. Choose those who accept articles and write to them and convince them that your articles would be of value for their purpose.

5) Give The Articles to Your New Affiliate members
To help your affiliates especially the newly "recruited" ones, you could give them your articles as a way to help promote your site. They could either publish them as they are or they could substitute your link with theirs in the resource box of the article. They would be impressed by such generous gesture from you.

Submitting articles and getting them re-published on others' websites and newsletters/ezines is therefore one of the most powerful Internet marketing strategies. Your articles will then start working as a free advertisement for you for a long time.


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About The Author: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Woon (Sung-Liang Woon) is a Rubber and Latex Consultant with about 30 years of experience. He enjoys writing, lecturing,

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