A Formula for Good Growth: How DHA Can Help Your Baby’s Development

By: SWilson

Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA is known to be prominent in the best infant formulas on the market relieving mothers of worry about nutritional deficiencies when bottle feeding. Naturally, breastfed babies are more active and responsive because breast milk contains significant amount of DHA known to be responsible for cognitive development, attention enhancement, and visual acuity. The International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) has recommended a considerable amount of 300 mg per day especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. The rewards of DHA in fighting cancer cells have brought it to dominance in the food additive category. With DHA, the growth of colon carcinoma cells is inhibited. This substance has not been proven to cure or to treat cancer yet in more recent studies; it has been believed to have increased the efficacy of chemotherapy.

Mothers have considered the presence of DHA in the best infant formula a good alternative for breast milk. At present, more and ore infant formula have added DHA as one of its enticing ingredient to persuade consumers to buy them. With the addition of DHA, the problem on choosing formula for bottle-fed babies is no longer a taxing experience. Mothers should be able to understand that during the child’s formative years, ninety percent of the brain is formed. DHA is an essential fatty acid that supports the structural development of the brain.

You want your child to grow smart and good both physically and emotionally. Your child deserves nothing but the best. Infant formula may be categorized according to form and content. There are milk substitute in liquid form Some are in liquid concentrates and most are sold in powder form. On the other hand, these milk substitutes are made out of different raw materials including cow’s milk and soy beans. Choosing the right milk for your child depends upon his needs. Some children are lactose intolerant and that may need milk that can be easily digested. A few babies are born with inappropriate birth weight and may need to be breast fed or be given milk supplemented with essential nutrients like protein, niacin, folic acid, calcium, fat and vitamins. Some may consider taking DHA fortified milk for advance cognitive empowerment of their children. The best infant formula can also be hypoallergenic reducing medical complications experienced by the child.

Essential nutrients, hypoallergenic substances, vitamins and DHA should make up your choice of milk for your babies. The wide array of choices in every supermarket may be confusing to the mother yet knowing the needs of your child will give you the best product. Remember, when choosing the infant formula, you are choosing your substitute. Do not settle for less. Opt for the best. In the end, the fruits of your choice will be directly visible in your child’s development. Read labels and be able to follow instructions in creating mixtures. Every good thing about your baby depends on your ability to choose the best infant formula that which promote nothing but the wellness of your child.

Nursing with a milk formula that contains DHA can enhance your baby’s attention, retinal development and visual acuity. Further, DHA has been known to improve cognitive function especially in infants. Formula milk fortified with DHA can be a good choice for mothers who have decided to bottle feed their babies. The benefits of DHA can be seen in your growing infant’s development as early as three to six months.

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