A Dog From an Animal Rescue, The Dog May Need Socialization Skills.

By: Betty Bulldogz

If you are going to save a dog from any of the animal rescues, sometimes the adult dog may need some socialization skills. It doesn’t matter if the dog is small or large they both have differences in socialization. Also, this information works well for puppies too.

One of the benefits of a having a small dog is that they are easier to get from place to place by carrying them instead of walking. You must be sure that the little dog has adequate social experiences in different positions other than in your arms. Your little dog may learn to be comfortable with things when in your arms but not when on the ground. Dogs are very specific learners. Being overly protective and carrying them all the time can lead to Small Dog Syndrome. (a little barking, angry dog). Help your small dog gain life long confidence by giving him a chance to encounter new experiences and challenges.

Few things are more rewarding than giving a loving home to an adult dog from a shelter. Keep in mind as with puppies, you might experience a couple of weeks of a honeymoon. But, as your dog becomes more comfortable in his or her new home, his true personality will shine through. Be especially careful to take things slowly so as not to push your dog to far to fast in regard to exposure to potentially new and frightening experiences.

Your major concern is to check out how well socialized your dog is then strengthen any weak spots. Here is a great example. Let’s say for some reason your dog does not seem to like men who wear hats. Invite one of two friends over at a time to meet your new dog. Ask them to bring hats but not wear them. Ask everyone to take a seat. Have one friend (not wearing a hat) hand feed the dog his dinner. When the dog seems comfortable, have your friend place the hat on the floor or his lap and feed the dog. Then slowly have your friend put the hat on while still feeding the dog.

If you do this several more times your dog will begin to seek out men in hats because they are such a generous bunch.

Problems can be caused by failure to socialize.
Socializing a dog is easy. But, most people fail to take it seriously. This is especially true when you rescue an older dog and bring it into your home. Without adequate skills your dog may face situations they are not prepared to deal with.

When the dog is uncomfortable, they are likely to react in 2 ways
• Fighting
• Running away
As a result, they may develop 3 very serious and hard to resolve problems.
• Biting
• Fighting
• Barking
To keep your dogs social skills up to par, here are a few tips.
• Walk a different route each day
• Have a small party at your home.
• Attend as many fun dog training classes as possible.
• Set up as many safe, off the leash play sessions as possible.

Once you strengthen your dog’s weak socialization skills, he will behave better and be happier. And isn’t that what we want a happy and healthy dog?

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