A Definitive Guide To Resale Rights

By: Yogi

When you begin searching for ebooks and digital software products online to sell you often hear the phrase available with resale rights but what does this actually mean for you? For more help visit to: www.resale-right-profits.com.Well first off there are different types of resale rights and you must understand the difference between them to avoid any legal problems later on.

So lets begin with giveaway rights, sounds simple enough right, these are ebooks or software which you may giveaway with the full consent of the author. What you cannot and must not do is attempt to sell this material or alter its content in any way. Whilst giveaway rights are good for building trust and enticing prospects to opt in to your list or newsletter, you will never make any money from giveaway rights. Although you can give them away as part of a larger product offer, as incentives and bonuses for prospects to buy from you.

Next we have basic resale rights packages this means you have licensed to resell the ebook or software as many times as you like and keep the profit. For more help visit to: www.newbies-guide-to-making-software.com. But you still cannot change the content within the ebook, you also may not be able to set your own price on the item. You definitely cannot claim the product to be your own.

Some authors of resale rights even place restrictions on trade, dictating where their items are to be sold or rather where they must not be sold. It is not unheard of for authors to ban the distribution of their material on eBay and other similar auction houses. You cannot give them away and you cannot give them away as bonuses in membership sites, you may not pass on the resale rights to your buyers, it is best to read each agreement carefully because they all differ.

Then you have Master Resell rights, now with this package you have almost complete autonomy. You can give your ebooks away, you can resell them, you can create new information packages or, you can include them in your own membership site. The possibilities here are enormous and the best part is you get too keep all the profit yourself.

There are no restrictions as to where you may trade them you are free to do as you wish with master resell rights. You may pass on the resale rights to your customers, The only thing you need to do is find a master resell product that is hot and your home internet business is set for many years to come.

There is also something called royalty rights, for which the seller will have to pay a percentage to the author, or owner of the product for every ebook they sell.

Then we have branding rights, these types of rights allow the author to receive a commission once the customer purchases the product by clicking on the link.
If the ebook is brand able, you can replace the links with your own and earn a commission.

Finally we come to something that is known as P L R or Private Label Resell Rights, now if you are fortunate enough to obtain ebooks or software featuring this sort of material you are about to take your online business to a new level. Because with private label rights you now own the keys to creation. Let me explain, unlike master resell rights with which you can do just about anything you want you still cannot re-brand and call it your own.

With private label rights you can do just that. You can take the information in the package re-write it re-package and call it your own, you can publish the content on your sites, in your own newsletters or even use it in your blog. In short private label rights allow you to do things you cannot do with master resell rights.

If you are new to internet selling or have just stated an online business selling digital products i.e. ebooks and software packages you may find yourself a little bit confused about the different resale rules. I hope this article helps you to clear the mist and clarifies your position.

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