A Cross Stitch Rose Pattern For That Special Person

By: John Wigham..

If you ask people to name their favourite flowers, it is likely that they will place roses high on their lists. Roses are very popular, and have been named the Queen of flowers, possibly because of their beauty -- creating a wide expanse of color in the garden, and valued for their heady fragrance too. There are thousands of varieties that differ in shape of blooms, size, fragrance and some even lack thorns. Roses are so popular you cannot go far wrong when stitching a cross stitch rose pattern.

One reason so many people are fascinated by roses is how they symbolize life's struggles and achievements. If you survive the thorns of life, you're rewarded with loveliness and contentment.

You'll be able to find the perfect cross stitch rose pattern with a little exploration. The patterns available include everything from standard rose bouquets to modern rose patterns by artists such as Rennie Mackintosh. You'll even find Art Deco rose designs. The choices may seen overwhelming at first, but consider the likes and dislikes of the recipient. Also, don't overlook the symbolic meaning of the various types of roses.

For instance, consider Venus and Aphrodite. These Greek goddesses of love were symbolized by roses. Another influence roses had on society is in the derivation of the term 'sub rosa.' In Italy when a secret meeting took place, they placed a rose on the door. The rose symbolized that the meeting was 'under the rose,' which meant they were keeping secrets.

Roses have five petals and for hundreds of years, Christians felt the petals represented Christ's five wounds. The blood lost by Christian martyrs was symbolized by red roses.

The rose is a symbol of many cultures too. It is the national flower of England and the USA. The red rose is considered to be symbolic of socialism and social democracy. They are also used in heraldry and coats of arms. In England, The War of the Roses took place between the House of Lancaster, whose heraldic badge contained a red rose, and the House of York, who was represented by a white rose.

Flowers are thought to have meanings, and roses are no exception.

* Red roses depict love for most people. A red rosebud symbolizes something beautiful and pure. Moreover, if the red rose is devoid of thorns, it represents love discovered at first sight.

* Yellow roses are for friendship, new starts, and platonic love. If the tips of the yellow rose's petals are red, then the flower symbolizes falling in love. If you're in Germany or any other country that speaks predominately German, avoid yellow roses. They're thought to symbolize the green-eyed monster, jealousy, and infidelity.

* Pink roses are thought to denote appreciation and grace. If the pink is dark, then the giver is supposedly grateful. If, however, the petals are a light pink, then the message is one of sympathy and admiration.

* Peach and orange roses can be given to woo someone. They're symbolic of sensuality, desire, passion, and fascination.

* White roses are always popular, especially with brides. They depict innocence and purity. White rosebuds are always in demand because they symbolize starting a new life. Some people feel white roses also stand for humility and reverence.

The fun thing about utilizing a cross stitch rose pattern to create an heirloom for a special person is you can change the color of any of the roses. Simply alter the pattern to suit your needs.

If you alter the pattern, remember these ideas:

* If you substitute some colored threads from a kit, do use the same brand of threads to that which you are discarding. There are subtle but important differences between different brands and types of thread.

* Remember that you will not be just choosing one color, because the design will probably not contain a solid block of color. You may need to buy several different colored threads. For example, a red rose may contain about four different types of red thread. This makes the rose appear more three dimensional.

* When in doubt, as for help. The employees at a craft store should be able to help you pick the right threads. Also, hold the threads next to each other so you can see how the shading will look. Moreover, don't just consider the color of the roses when making your thread choice. Make certain the roses don't clash with the material and the other threads you'll be using on your cross stitch rose pattern.

Keep these tips in mind, and you're certain to create a great rose pattern that will delight a friend or family member.

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