A Critical Unbiased Review Of TVI Express Business Opportunity.

By: Matt Hefner

Ok, what the heck is TVI Express? Travel Ventures International (TVI Express) is a travel and hospitality company in London England. The company first launched in India then was opened up to China and will soon be in 50 countries around the world. A couple months ago TVI Express (Travel Ventures International) was opened up to Canada and the United States. They have now exploded to over two hundred thousand distributors around the globe.

The compansation plan for TVI Express is what is known as a reverse matrix system and is beyond the scope of this article. I assure you that the comp plan is a richly rewarding one. The incentives are wonderful ranging from new laptops all the way up you your own yacht or even a private jet. This looks to be a very rewarding opportunity for serious minded people.

Now, is TVI Express a scam? No way! TVI Express is a good company with a rewarding comp plan, a solid business model and excellent leadership that will be around for a long time. The company and opportunity look to be very good and it is no wonder that people are joining by the thousands. The biggest thought in my mind is the huge number of people who will ultimately fail to build their TVI Express business. I have to tell you that the odds are stacked against you!

The purpose of this TVI Express review is mainly to inform everyone that the business is not a scam. I feel it is my duty to inform you of a statistic concerning your chances of becoming a success in this business and in the MLM industry as a whole. Are you aware of the fact that over 97% of people getting into network marketing fail to get their business off the ground? Yep, it's a true statistic and I believe that number to be too high!

I have to voice my concern here in order to get some sleep at night. I believe everyone should know this for good reason and it is to help keep you from becoming a 97 percenter! It's easy to become one of the 3 percent who succeed if you know just a few simple things that will make the difference of day and night in your TVI Express business.

The things I am referring to are beyond what I can write here. You can get more information on what I am talking about by looking in the resource box at the end of this article. I just can't stuff all the information in here. I hope you have tons of success in your new TVI express business but it is essential that you get the information I have available for you below. It will change everything and put the odds in your favor instead of against you. You have to have it to succeed!

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Thank you for reading my TVI Express article and be sure and watch my TVI Express Review Video to learn the secrets that make only 3% of all network marketers successful.

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