A Critical Review Of Jeff And Laura Learner

By: David Michael Wood

Two of Carbon Copy Pro's Top Income Earners are Jeff and Laura Learner, an internet money making system that has thousands of followers. As this article isn't going to deal a great deal with Carbon Copy Pro, I figured I would briefly mention what it is and their affiliation with Jeff and Laura Learner.

To keep it short and get back to our review, CCP is a marketing system that is used as a sponsoring funnel for Wealth Masters International. WMI is a direct selling corporation in the direct selling industry who sells personal development seminars ranging between 2-20 thousand dollars.

Jeff and Laura have a fantastic success story, and if you google the names "Jeff and Laura Learner" you can see for yourself what they've been able to accomplish over the last year has been nothing short of incredible. One thing that you'll have if you decide to get acquainted with the Learners is coaching, mentorship, and a direction to head in your business through every stage of growth.

If you look online, you'll see that Jeff and Laura Learner specialize in attraction marketing and funded proposals. One advantage to becoming involved with Jeff and Laura learner is you'll learn some skills that will drive your business towards lasting success and prosperity.

Don't be deceived, though, just getting started isn't enough. Jeff and Laura Learner will provide you with a roadmap, but they won't babysit you. Just because you decide to get involved with them, don't expect an instant passport to wealth. You are going to need to learn how to market yourself online, brand yourself as a leader, and learn the simple strategies that have enabled Jeff and Laura Learner to earn a six figure income working from home.

In fact, if you want significant results, you may find that you'll be using other marketing systems, designing your own webpages, and spending hours upon hours hunched over your computer studying the very same techniques that have allowed Jeff and Laura to achieve a lifestyle that is beyond what most people can imagine.

The biggest problem I see people facing who get involved with the Learners is they fork out thousands of dollars for the Carbon Copy Pro System and the Wealth Masters International business, and they have no money left over to start their marketing campaigns. Let's face it, it takes a minimal amount of resources to succeed online, and you need at least a little bit of money to get started right.

Let me give you the simple secret to success in the internet universe: you need to create so much attention, growth, and leads in such a short period of time that your website goes viral and starts getting talked about and broadcast all over the world. You need some resources available to do that, and to do it fast. Jeff and Laura Learner are doing a great job of that, and I certainly see a bright future for them in their company.

In summary, while Jeff and Laura certainly will be able to aid you in your success, I'm going to reccomend that you spend some time studying attraction marketing and online branding systems before you decide to take massive action with the Learners.

Take your time to study out the issues at hand. Long term, it will pay off a thousand fold, and you just might have Jeff and Laura Learner call you up and want to get involved in your business!

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