A Closer Look at the Different Kinds of Free Fax Software

By: Robert Thomson

The capacity of the Internet is boundless as it offers people endless possibilities and wonderful opportunities to explore. One of the greatest things that they can find on the World Wide Web are free fax software, which gives them utmost convenience in delivering all-important messages and information to other people. Because the different kinds of software are free, there is no need to burn huge holes in their pockets to acquire these superb online capabilities. Here is a quick look at some of the most impressive free fax software in the net.

WinFax Merger

WinFax Merger is a special online tool that offers people excellent fax capabilities. This free fax software is so easy to use, and allows users to enjoy sending multi-page documents including fax, fxs, fxr, and fxd files. Using this tool, people can combine three separate documents into a single file with all the three items included. In simple words, it can merge multiple documents into a single multi-page fax file.

Contrary to its name, StupidFax is not a stupid tool after all as it gives people numerous convenient capabilities. This free fax software commands certain modems to take good care of incoming fax calls by saving them and printing them automatically. By connecting it to a printer, there is really no more need to worry about missing all those important fax messages and calls. Furthermore, it keeps a comprehensive and detailed record of all the fax activities of computers, including their print status, date, as well as time. With all these wonderful features, this free fax software is truly dependable, simple, and easy-to-use.


For bigger businesses and corporations, computer experts recommend HylaFax, a free fax software that offers nothing else but convenient features. Generally, people can use this particular tool to send special alphanumeric documents, as well as receiving and sending fax messages. Operating under client-server computer architecture, this software is reliable, updated, and robust. Using this one, users can outlast heavy online traffic and can be compatible with numerous modems all at once.

Fax by Modem

Fax by Modem is a better alternative to all those pricey fax programs. This free fax software is easy to use, can receive endless fax messages, and logs in vital information that transpired between senders and the receivers. More importantly, it eats up very little computer memory, which helps users avoid the slowing down of the computer system. Furthermore, it is very easy to install, setup, and configure on computers. It simply uses a regular modem to send and receive all sorts of documents.


AsterFax is a highly efficient tool that people can use in sending and receiving all those important fax messages. This free fax software allows them to send e-mails to fax machines, and vice-versa. In addition, it has the wonderful ability to attach certain documents, including those using the MS-Word format. Just like all the notable free fax software out there, this one is also very reliable, fast, and efficient. With these interesting features, this definitely belongs to the list of superior computer tools.

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