A Closer Look At Cisco Phone Systems in the Workplace

By: Trent S Berger

If you've already be doing some research on office phone systems, then chances are good that you've eliminated models that just won't work for your workplace needs. But what about strong contenders that deserve a better look? One that immediately comes to mind would have to be Cisco phone systems.

When it comes to this family of phone devices, it's not just about voice calls. Cisco realized early on that companies would eventually want to do more than just talk. The need for a way to transfer data quickly would fast come into play. You have to make sure that you think of the benefits that this phone system can really bring to the table. This guide is all about what Cisco phone systems can truly add to your current workplace environment in terms of productivity, effectiveness, and quality.

With a Cisco system, everything is centralized and consolidated together. It's done with IP technology, which can save you a lot of money. The system runs on something called Cisco Unified Communications Manger Express. Even though the name might be a little tricky to say, the system isn't difficult to use at all. You get to fine-tune which features will be available across the office, and which ones aren't going to be available.

You can even integrate your phone system directly into the applications that you already use, such as your CRM software, the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and even WebEx for advanced conferencing flexibility. Video calling can be enabled for just about every phone on the network.

If you already have a technical team in place, they may be well versed in one line of phone systems but not another. If your team is already proficient with Cisco systems, then it's easier to continue staying within this line of products than it would be to mix systems. While you can do that, staying within the same suite of devices has its benefits as well. Interoperability will be at its highest within a fairly homogenous system.

You can always set up a test system that would let you evaluate whether or not the Cisco line of products would actually be superior to another product line. Even if you decide to go with the Cisco suite eventually, you'll still want a test network to make sure that everyone is on the same page. After that, you can always expand the network outward to all employees.

When evaluating the best phone system, maintenance definitely must play a role in the evaluation. Again, it cannot be stressed enough: minimizing downtime is definitely where you want to focus. The best phone system in the world will do you no true favors if you cannot rely upon it as much as possible.

The scalability, dependability and effectiveness of Cisco phone systems are just a few reasons why so many businesses of all sizes turn to them for day to day business communications. It is truly up to you to decide which system really speaks to you. Check it out today, while it's still on your mind. Good luck!

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