A Closer Look At American Gold Eagle Coins

By: James Stevenson

For collectors and others who choose to invest in gold, the American Gold Eagle coin is a great way to add value to your portfolio. First released back in the 1980s, it's the official gold bullion coin. There are four different coins that are offered, the one tenth oz, one quarter oz, half oz, and the 1 oz coins. Each has a different amount of gold weight and is offered to the public to purchase.
There are four different troy ounces that are offered in these beautiful Gold Eagle coins. Ranging from 1/10 ounce, up to 1 ounce of pure gold. Something you may not know about these coins is that the gold that is used to mint them is required to be mined here in the good old United States of America.
The reverse side that displays the American Gold Eagle shows a male bird flying while holding an olive branch. He is flying over a nest containing a female Gold Eagle with her hatchlings. The design was created by Miley Busiek. While the opposite side of the coin is a design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens', showing Lady Liberty. The picture is one with Lady Liberty holding an olive branch in one hand, while in the other is a torch.
These American Gold Eagle coins normally run about equal to the value of the gold that is in their content. In March of 2009 the coins values were the following, the $5 is worth $130, and the $10 coin is worth $275. While the $25 coin is worth $550, and finally the $50 is worth $1, 000.
These coins will normally be produced in the West Point Mint located in West Point, New York. The coins are made of 91. 67% American gold at 22 karats, 3% silver, and 5. 33% copper. Price depends on content of gold not face value.
For size information the one tenth troy ounce coin measures 16. 50 mm in diameter, and is 1. 19 mm thick, weighing 3. 393 grams. Those one quarter troy ounce coins are a diameter of 22 mm, thickness of 1. 83 mm, and weigh 8. 483 grams. For the half troy ounce coins you have a 27 mm diameter, 2. 24 mm thickness, and a weight of 16. 965 grams. Finally the 1 troy ounce coin measures 32. 70 mm in diameter, 2. 87 mm thick, and weighs 33. 93 grams.
Investing in highly-regarded American Gold Eagle Coins are a great idea if you are considering adding physical gold to your portfolio. Also, as a consideration to future generations, you can always pass them down to your kids as they get older.

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