A Child Custody Case Requires An Exceptional Child Support Attorney

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No one prefers going through a child custody tug-of-war. Everyone benefits when a solution can be arrived at not simply on custody but also for support and visitation rights. A child support lawyer won't only assist during the custody proceedings but can acquire the most desirable judgment in relation to the frequency of visitation and the sum of child support that will be owed. The court that handles the divorce will also determine all matters concerning the custody of children. Typically any children conceived during the marriage are an obligation of both parents and they get equal rights to custody.

Whichever parent is given custody makes all decisions involving education, religion, and health care. More than one type of custody may be granted. When a parent is given temporary custody it is for the course of the divorce or separation process. Exclusive custody affords one parent full parental rights to the child or children. The other parent receives no rights when this type of custody is issued. A non-custodial parent might be granted supervision or visitation rights. Depending upon the circumstances, sometimes only supervised visitation is granted. In many cases, joint custody is granted giving both parents equal rights in decisions regarding the child. When multiple children are involved, custody can be split between the parents according to where the child's best interests are served.

The court uses witness testimony of each parent's character, overall health and various other factors to determine which parent is best able to meet the child's best interests. The wishes of the parents and child are given consideration as well. Their comfort at home, school, and within the community are valued as part of the decision. Family law lawyers know what a judge will factor into their decision and are a necessary ally in winning a child custody case. They can help find good character witnesses and give tips on how to render being the best parent. Most will want to know of any past history that could be used to portray a negative image during the custody trial. Being accurate will help them build a strategy for making any accusations unreliable and dismissible.

Child custody battles are physically and emotionally difficult. No parent wants to give up their child and there are numerous things that come into play when a judge forms their decision. Family law attorneys deal with cases like these on a regular basis and are familiar with what the judge will contemplate when deciding. Custody may be awarded in many forms and a good child support lawyer can be very beneficial to the non-custodial parent. An experienced child support lawyer will make it easier and more likely for the non-custodial parent to be given visitation rights and not over pay in child support.

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