A Case of Mistaken Identity; What homeopathy Really Is

By: Joette Calabrese

How often I hear folks say they use homeopathic remedies when they really mean holistic! Holistic or home remedies, although valid, are quite different from homeopathy. Homeopathy is a commonly misunderstood medical method that is returning to the limelight.

As an intelligent method of medicine, it uses minute amounts of pharmaceutically prepared substances from plants, animals and minerals, to stimulate the body’s ability to bring it to its best economy. It is based on the strict adherence to the Law of Similars offered by Samuel Hahnemann, MD, a German physician in the early 1800’s. Considered the Father of homeopathy, Hahnemann noted in his scholarly efforts that when a toxic substance is diluted to an infinitesimal level, the toxic characteristics are antidoted, leaving only the curative qualities available. For example, Cinchona (quinine), which was used to treat malarial fevers in Europe in Hahnemann’s time, produced a toxic effect, including the same feverish attacks similar to those for which it was used as a therapeutic agent.

Twenty five hundred years previously, Hippocrates also noted a parallel action existing between the toxic power of a substance and its therapeutic ability. This brought Hahnemann to the hypothesis that medicinal substances are capable of eliminating symptoms similar to those which they could produce. This is not to say that symptoms are covered up, but rather removed as a result of the body’s ability to adjust to the stimulus, hence regain health.

Hahnemann was able to produce this hypothesis in repeated experiments, as have other homeopathic physicians throughout the world since that time. This makes his idea progress past a hypothesis and enter the realm of scientific or biological law. Hence, the Law of Similars is accepted and irrefutable. This is the rock upon which homeopathy is built.

An example of this law is found in the substance Ipecac. When given to a healthy person, Ipecac will produce nausea and vomiting. When a person who is suffering from nausea and vomiting, regardless of the cause, homeopathic Ipecac will improve and restore health when diluted to an infinitesimal amount.

Homeopathy represents a model of excellence. Properly utilized, it can address the ills of human kind with respectful, stimulating remedies. With a nod to its illustrious past, homeopathy has the ability to carry us into the future with intelligent and profound principles and laws. The next time you find someone declaring their comprehension of the meaning of homeopathy, feel confident that you have knowledge beyond most.

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