A Calling To Spiritual Healing School

By: David T.

The desire to attend a spiritual healing school or an energy healing school is not something that tends to strike at random. For those who are called to learn those skills and use them to help others in their healing journey, it is something that will have a profoundly healing affect on their own personal lives as well. Essentially, it works like this- you cannot, in integrity, seek to heal others in a way in which you yourself are not healed. Of course, as you go through the school, you will learn all the tools you need to experience this healing for yourself, and be surrounded by others who are on a similar path.

The phrase, "physician, heal thyself" is exactly the advice you must first take to heart. In the world of western medicine, where the doctor is far removed from the patient, prescribing medicines and offering surgical procedures, you might find some severely unhealthy people working as "healers." Not so in the world of spiritual energy healing, as there is a much more personal connection, and one which engages the higher self of both parties involved.

The sense of integrity with which you approach healing might center around your ability to be fully present at all times with your client. Not only listening to them when they speak, but seeing what their body language tells you, and what you can sense and feel from them on an energetic level. One way to maintain a strong connection with your client is to have them maintain eye contact with you. Not only will this allow you to watch their eyes, which often give away emotional information, but it will also help you to continue your focus and connection with that person as you maintain eye contact with them in return.

One of the strongest parts of the healing process for many people is that of entering into a space of complete acceptance. Being able to share any part of themselves without judgment is not a space that many are accustomed to, but that many are relieved beyond words to find. Leading them to a point where they can discover the wealth of self-love and divine love that is available to them is a healing technique that allows them to essentially heal themselves, which is where the true source of healing comes from. For those who feel called to study and learn these healing methods, know this- your life will be changed by what you learn, what you experience in yourself, and what you experience of others, and all parties involved will be all the better for it.

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Written by Mel Bryson. Inner Focus Soul Directed Energy Healing School is a spiritual healing school offering spiritual energy healing training and classes. Workshops throughout the country. More info at www.innerfocus.org .

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