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It is extremely important for your dog to take bath on a regular basis if not daily. For keeping your dog healthy and hygienic you should give him a bath every week. Naturally majority of dogs do not enjoy bathing, but it is a good and beneficial experience nevertheless. The dogs very much like the physical touch and attention from their master.

Giving bath also brings the opportunity to perform other maintenance related tasks on your dog. When you give bath you can also clean up the dog’s ears, their teeth, and remove the fleas/ticks. It is more convenient for you as well as the dogs to do all these things in one sitting.

Let us look at the cleaning tasks in a bit more detail, after all they are all aimed at making your beloved dog more healthy and lovable.

Always buy quality products for dogs. You can check with any good pet store and buy ear cleaner for dogs. Dogs very commonly catch ear mites, these are small insects that live in the waxy deposits inside the ears of your dog.

If the mite stays longer, they become bigger in size and you can see it as a black growth inside the dog’s ears. To get rid of the mite, dip a q-tip in the ear cleaning solution, and gently swab the inside walls of ear. This may cause your dog to squirm, but hold him down tightly and complete the cleaning process properly.

Another very important and often ignored task of maintenance is to do regular brushing dog's teeth. Some dog masters do not brush their dog teeth for months. Now try to imagine the condition of your mouth if you brush your teeth once in 3 months. So even if you have been ignoring this important job till now, you can start and be regular at cleaning your dog’s teeth from now onwards. You need a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste for this purpose. You can fine these items easily in any online pet store for a few dollars. Be gentle and clean all over, do those small circular motions just the way dentists tell you and me. Cleaning of teeth is easier than ear cleaning.

The next thing to clean up in dogs is fleas and ticks. Ticks are harmful small bugs, they dig themselves into the dog's skin and they survive on your dog’s blood. You need to be very careful if you live near jungles or wood areas. Ticks are very common there. But in general, your dog is bound to be affected by ticks no matter where you live. So do regular checks for ticks because they easily hide themselves and cause a great deal of harm to your dog. Ticks are the carriers Lyme Disease, a disease that slowly destroys affected dog's joints and sucks out all his energy. Advanced stages of Lyme Disease cause such great pain in dogs that finally you have to put them to sleep yourself. So check often for ticks, search the most obvious areas where ticks may be hiding, such as under the collar or along the underbelly. When you find them, just pull it off with tweezers.

Fleas aren't as seriously harmful as ticks, but they are like a petty nuisance. The reason they need to be removed off your dog’s body is that if they persist, your kids run the risk of being infected by fleas. Also, other pets can be infected if your dog has fleas. Look for them under the fur, in the same places where ticks are found. The flea is dark in color and its size is nearly that of a rice grain. If you do find fleas in your dog’s body then contact your vet's office and ask about flea treatments.

Remember, your dog deserves all the love and care that you would show for your kids. Finding the right dog products ,may take a bit of time and effort but its worth it.

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