A Brief Review About The Anti-Christian & Anti-Church Attitude Of The Chinese Government

By: Danny Omand

Though the attitude of the Chinese government is antichristian, the number of both church in china and Christian believers is increasing. Despite all the hardships a person needs to undergo just for being a Christian, people of both intellectual calibre and those belonging to the grass root level is embracing christianity. The growing popularity of Christianity has become a concerning affair for the Communist China. For this reason, persecution of christians in China is a quite sensitive issue. Church goers fear to be persecuted at any moment. Chinese officials are particularly keen on suppressing the religious activities of the house church of china. Arresting Chinese religious heads is another form of suppression of Christianity among the Chinese population. Recently, about 30 house churches are shut down by the Chinese authorities. As Church is the centre of religion, the wrath of government falls straight upon the churches. As there are a large number of house church in china, which are not registered, it is easier for the government bodies to shut down these churches without giving any explanation.

Right to practice religion on one’s own will is a much sought after demand of the Chinese population. From the middle age, Christianity has been treated in China as a harmful thing. As China is a communist country, it is extremely natural that its attitude towards religion would not be a friendly one. As a result persecution, of the Christians is not an uncommon issue in China. Mao, one of the most celebrated political leader of China, has once described religion as poison. Christian missionaries were driven out of the country after obtaining independence as Christianity has been used by the imperialist power of the West as a powerful tool of spreading imperialism. Christians were allowed to practice their religious activities in the authorized churches, which must owe allegiance to the Communist party of China. church in China, which are not registered, now facing the consequences of the antichristian attitude of the government.

Protestants and Catholics- the two sects of Christianism have both official and unofficial churches in China. Protestant church has greater popularity in China than Catholic church. It is a fact that church going population is increasing in China in much greater speed than the entire Europe. Where the flame of faith is fast declining in the West, it is increasing in China. People of China is facing spiritual crisis for different issues. The urge to find peace of mind often drives them to embrace Christianity. Chinese police makes the life of some believers living hell as they want to attain the religious rites performed in the house church of china. Persecution of Christians is an easy option for the government as there is no significant power to question this antichristian attitude of the government. Christian teachers are harrassed in the summer camps by the police. Police not only tortures these believers, but also visits their homes and a round of questioning follows. Confiscation of the property of house church has also occurred in China.

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Persecution of Christians has become a matter of concern for the Christian minorities. There are several house churches in China, a preferred option for the Chinese Christians to worship, but presently both church in China and the practitioners of Christianity, both are undergoing tremendous pressure from the government.

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