A Brief Look At The Downside Of SEO

By: Owen Barron

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an interesting field of study for those looking to make a mark in the internet world. It has grown exponentially over the past few years, and there are many internet businesses out there that have yet to tap the potential of the search engines. While typing an SEO related query on any search engine, you will be bombarded with pages stating the numerous advantages of SEO. But have you ever given a thought to the cons of this dynamic field of study? The downsides of SEO may be few and far between, but they are certainly worth a glance.

- The Level Of Uncertainty: SEO is a hit or miss process. If you employ similar tactics to another high ranking website, you cannot be absolutely certain that your website will rank high too. The irregular updates churned out by the search engines are the prime cause of this uncertainty. Your website may be at the top of the search results at one moment, but at the very next moment, it might have literally slipped down a few places. Additionally, even the SEO experts cannot claim to know the entire working process of any particular search engine. You are entering the realms of surmise and logical deduction when you start scouring the world of SEO.

- The Exorbitant Costs: Unless you possess extensive knowledge on the subject, you cannot expect to play alongside the big guns in your business. You will be much better off consulting the reputed SEO firms. But the fees they charge might prove to be a huge investment, counting out the uncertainty involved. More often than not, the investment proves to be fruitful and your profits will speedily exceed your payments. But you need to check the background of the firm you are selecting make sure that they employ white hat SEO methods. There are many firms out there that charge lesser, but employ black hat SEO techniques and these are the ones you have to avoid.

- The Additional Risk Of Falling For Black Hat SEO: Black hat SEO techniques may be effective for the time being, but will prove to be disastrous in the long run. These techniques may eventually get your website banned. Your competitors may also employ black hat techniques which might affect your website's rankings in turn. Search engines are trying their best to nip black hat SEO in the bud, so take great care in not falling for this dishonorable strategy.

- The Uncertainty In Time: Get this drilled into your head for good, you won't be able to see your website at the top tomorrow or the day after you join hands with an SEO firm. It will take a few months for the search engine's crawlers to even notice your website in the first place. Prepare yourself for at least a year's worth of hard work before you can start accumulating the bucks. But once your website is in motion, you can rest assured that it will keep growing for years on end with little, or sometimes, no work. Unless any major update is conjured by the search engines, you can see the profits pouring in with high numbers.

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