A Brief Introduction to Thoroughbred Horse Racing

By: Kevin Phillips

Thoroughbred horse racing is one of the most well-liked types of horse racing around the world. Some punters do not even know of any other kinds of horse racing. Thoroughbred horse racing is also called the "Sport of Kings".

A thoroughbred horse owner will pay a trainer to train and condition the race horse for one kind of race. This is because a world class trainer is aware that there is a standard training regime for every kind of horse race. However, the owner might want to enter the race horse in races that the trainer may not think it is good enough to take part in.

Thoroughbred horse racing comes in various forms:

+Maiden Races+

This kind of thoroughbred horse racing involves race horses that race against other race horses that have not won a race. This race is commonly the first appearance of all race horses, and so many will run green. A number of punters find this kind of thoroughbred horse racing extremely exciting because of the fact that most of the race horses involved have little identified form, or are untested. The maiden races frequently choose which level of racing its entire career will be situated on. This race shows the owner and public just what type of form the race horse is capable of.

Thoroughbreds of varying ages take part in maiden races, but older horses ordinarily mean it has had some type of dilemma.

In maiden races, the race horses carry comparable weights in order to level the playing field, although fillies get an allowance, and allowances are occasionally given for age.

+Allowance Racing+

This kind of horse race involves race horses which have already run in maiden races but are not yet at the level for the grand stakes races. Typically, this kind of thoroughbred involves running for a prize that is somewhat above that of maiden races. Some race horse owners have been known to use these races as a training aid for their race horses; this is now illegal in most countries and has stiff penalties.

+Grand Stakes Racing+

This kind of horse racing is the most common as it frequently involves a lot of prize money for the owner. People who view this kind of thoroughbred horse racing will do so in order to have a wager on their fancied horse. The "grand stakes" in this kind of race refers not only to the amount of cash involved for the winner, but also the reputation of the race horse that runs. A grand stakes winner frequently goes on to have a public following.

The dreams of a lot of punters are also at stake in this kind of horse racing. This is typically because having a bet in this kind of thoroughbred racing can cost punters a lot of cash. As these race horses possess proven form, punters will pin their hopes and dreams on the race horse. This is the logic why thoroughbred horse racing remains one of the most followed sports all over the world.

+Handicap Racing+

This kind of thoroughbred horse racing is believed to be the most even of all the horse race types offered. This is because the horses participating in the horse race have been handicapped according to their earlier performances in other horse races. A lot more punters wager on this kind of horse racing because you get higher odds. Theoretically, any race horse in the race can win in a handicap race, and stats plainly show this is the case compared to non-handicaps.

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