A Bike Path And Other Bicycle Facilities Alone Callan Park Frontage

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The handing over to Leichhardt Council of lands in Callan Park gives an opportunity to provide a mainly off-road cycle path along the Balmain Road and Darling St frontage of the Park, from Wharf Rd to the Cecily Street main gate.

This cycle path (with use of some roadway in Callan Park) would provide a convenient and low stress alternative bike route for approximately 800 metres, improving the connection between Leichhardt and Rozelle (Bicycle Route NS5 in the Leichhardt Bicycle Strategy).

It is suggested this path be investigated and included in the Leichhardt Bicycle Strategy and the Callan Park Masterplan.

The potential for the grassed area in Callan Park opposite about Alberto St, next to the proposed bike route, to become a children’s bicycle track is also pointed out.

Other bicycle facilities that would improve access and safety in and to Callan Park are included in the final section.


The existing bicycle route NS5 follows Balmain Road from Paramatta Road to Victoria Road. Between Parramatta Road and Leichhardt Street there is a bicycle lane. Between Leichhardt St and Moore St there is a shared traffic lane indicated by pavement logos. An alternative for part of this section is available on Derbyshire Rd behind the Secondary College. From Moore St to the City West Link there is an off-road shared bicycle pedestrian path or cyclists can continue on-road.

Negotiating the City West Link crossing and the section between the City west Link and Lilyfield Road is still problematic, as no bicycle lantern crossings have been installed at the City West Link and the footpath between City West Link and Lilyfield Rd is not a legal shared path. These problems hopefully will be addressed now that the shared path has been completed along Balmain Road leading to the City West Link.

From Lilyfield Rd to Perry St there is a wide shoulder lane northbound with bicycle logos marked. Southbound cyclists also have a shoulder to ride in but some improvements are needed.

Between Perry St and Victoria Road cyclists on Balmain Rd and its continuation, Darling St, ride in a mixed traffic environment with high traffic volumes (RTA arterial road), with no facilities such as bike lanes provided apart from a shared parking/shoulder lane southbound (Rozelle to Leichhardt), where there is more or less continuous parking. The shoulder lane at about 3.2 m width provides less than the absolute minimum operating space for cyclists as outlined in the RTA guide for bicycle facilities. Northbound, the section along the Callan Park frontage (between The Boulevarde and Cecily St) has less parking and provides a wide shoulder to ride in, with occasional need to move into the traffic lane to pass any parked vehicles. Some illegal parking of long and large vehicles occurs in this section, creating a danger to cyclists.

From Cecily St to Victoria Road cyclists have no marked facilities and share the road with motor traffic or ride in the parking lane, risking collision with opening car doors.


From Balmain Rd at Perry St the route would proceed along Wharf Rd for approximately100 m, then use existing Garden Rd behind the Ambulance NSW headquarters to the boundary of the staff car park just off Balmain Rd, opposite The Boulevarde. From the northern side of the car park the route would parallel Balmain Rd, inside the Callan Park brick fence and along an avenue of box brush trees. A jogging and walking desire line is evident by the path worn along this route.

The route continues for approximately 300 m until dwellings (Callan Park staff housing?), opposite about Alberto St, block further progress along the line of the fence. At this point the route bends around the grassed area (unused) to join the park roadway for about 100 m to the Cecily St main gate. This grassed, relatively flat area could include a children’s cycling circuit, similar to the children’s circuit in Centennial Park, as an added facility for local families, with easy access from the bicycle route or Callan Park main gate.

From the main gate cyclists would rejoin busy Darling St to Victoria road in Rozelle or, if the side gate was open, cyclists could continue on a shared footpath as far as Manning St or possibly further towards Rozelle.


This bike route through Callan Park would provide a much quieter and traffic free alternative to busy Balmain Road, which is at present the main connecting link for cyclists between Rozelle and Leichhardt.

It is recommended that the route be investigated for feasibility and inclusion in the Leichhardt Bicycle Strategy.

The construction of a children’s cycling circuit is also recommended.

1. Off-road bicycle path behind the Ambulance HQ and along Callan Park frontage as an alternative to Balmain Road and Darling Street. This would run from Wharf Rd to Cecily St main gate.

2. Children’s Circuit. Possible location is on the grassed area opposite Alberto St. A circuit of approximately 200 metres could be constructed around this relatively flat area, similar to the children’s circuit in Centenial Park. This would provide a much needed place for children to ride bicycles in a safe environment.

Another option is to use the large paved area of the rear car park at the Kirkbride complex for a children’s weekend learn to cycle space.

3. Improvements to the road surfaces in Callan Park, including entrances. The roads in the Park have been left to deteriorate and pose a safety risk to cyclists. The surfaces need urgent repair in a number of places. The entrance at Cecily St gate has a large lip on the kerb crossing from Darling St, with jagged edges. This needs urgent repair. Lips on other access points in Wharf Rd, eg Garden Way, need grinding back.

4. Internal bicycle linkages. The existing internal roads allow access to various areas of Callan Park and also provide a quiet place to cycle in. Measures to restrict car use, speeds and parking on these roads would make cycling safer and more attractive. Desirable extra cycle paths are: From Moodie St gate to Kirkbride; from Supply Rd to Military Drive, on the low side of the swimming pool (following existing desire line shown by worn track over the grass), which could also link to Garden Way.

5. External bicycle linkages. Visitors to Callan Park should be encouraged to use Active Transport- walking, cycling, public transport- rather than motor vehicles. It is important that bicycle access to Callan Park is of a high standard on the streets and roads leading to Callan Park. The main routes cyclists could take such as Balmain Rd, Catherine St/Grove St, Darling St, Moodie St, Cecily St, Alberto St, Perry St, Church St should be identified and measures taken to improve them for cyclists. Signage on these bike routes should include Callan Park as a destination.

6. Steel speed hump on Church St should be replaced with a bicycle friendly device. The one way westbound restriction should be altered to allow bicycles to travel in both directions.

7. Callan Park is part of the Green Ring cycleway proposal- see sydneygreenring.blogspot.com. The Masterplan should note this and support the concept of such a “green” cycle ring route around Inner Sydney, which would start in the City, follow the Anzac Bridge cycleway, go through Callan Park (via either Cecily St or Grove St), follow part of the Bay Run and Hawthorne Canal in Leichhardt LGA, the Greenway route through Lewisham and Dulwich Hill, the Cooks River path to Tempe and a path through East Lakes back towards the City.

Callan Park could also be on a Tourist Route for cyclists through Rozelle and Balmain, to cater for the growing cycling tourism market. This route would follow a signposted route around the foreshores with marked points of interest, such as Dawn Fraser Pool, Cockatoo Island, Yurulbin, Ballast Point, East Balmain, Balmain Village. Self guided tours using detailed maps and notes could be provided.

8. Criterium race for Callan Park. Local cyclists have proposed an annual professional bicycle race in a circuit on the roads around the Kirkbride complex. This race would be run by racing cycling clubs under the appropriate racing cycling guidelines and fully insured and managed as a professional event.

9. Venue for Leichhardt Council Big Bike Day. Callan Park could be the venue for this annual event if suitable cycling circuit or facilities were provided, as in point 2 above.

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The handing over to Leichhardt Council of lands in Callan Park gives an opportunity to provide a mainly off-road cycle path along the Balmain Road and Darling St frontage of the Park, from Wharf Rd to the Cecily Street main gate.

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