A Beginner's Guide To Boxing Equipment

By: Chris Channing

Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports in existence. It isn't uncommon for a boxer to train many times a day for weeks on end. Such strict workout regiments are often accompanied by special training equipment, not to mention necessary safety equipment to keep a boxer safe before the big fight.

The safety of a boxer is the number one concern when sparring and training, and even in a real boxing match. Only through safety can a boxer continue to do what he or she loves best. This means that making use of headgear, groin guards, hand gear, and mouthpieces is completely necessary in ensuring an elongated career in boxing without injury present.

Out of all the characteristics that a boxer may possess, being able to practice a better hand to eye coordination than his or her opponent can often win a match over brawn any day. This means that practicing with a lightweight type of bag, usually called a speed bag, is important to gain valuable hand eye coordination and to learn the rule of keeping one's hands up in a match to prevent holes in one's defense.

Speed bags are great for coordination, but they do little to show beginners where to hit, and prove useless to veterans who wish to practice heavy body hits. In this case, a heavy bag is needed to help both areas of boxing tactics. A heavy weight bag is important in keeping knowledgeable on how to land the perfect body hit- as just one well placed body hit will render an opponent useless and subject to the count that ends the match.

For boxers who prefer superior training, there is the punching bag that resembles an actual human. This special punching bag is called a "slam man," and is made of materials that can resemble an actual human body. When compared to the heavy weight bag, the slam man is much better in landing combinations, planning body shots, and best for training beginners on how to follow through with a punch.

Lastly, a boxer should always have a good set of boxing clothing. As seen in many movies, events, and matches, the boxer's clothing is usually loose fitting yet practical enough to withstand constant movement of the legs and arms. This usually means that a simple pair of boxing shorts and boxing coat or hood will be necessary to maintain tradition and appeal.

Closing Comments

The many types of boxing equipment should all be made use of. Otherwise, there are key aspects in boxing that are being missed out on. It is also important for boxers to keep current on safety trends- and always be sure to wear mouthpieces, groin guards, and other protective gear. In the end, a trainer, local sports store, or online retailer can provide further information on the topic and on proper boxing technique.

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