9 Signs of Full Fledged Yoga Obsession

By: Shalu Prajesh

Wherever we go- college, metro, park, office etc., we come across a number of people everyday and we judge them according to their personalities. We try to analyze what they do, where they work, which state/country they belong to, etc. We judge a person in three different ways- 1. By their physical appearance, 2. By their way of living, and 3. By their way of thinking. In similar ways, how can you spot a dedicated yogi? Do they look unlike? Do they whiff different? Do they have a special symbol on them? Take a look at the 9 signs of a full-fledged yoga obsession:

● Mentally Strong: A yogi is always ready to face any kind of challenges that come in his life. They never flee away from the battleground of life. They are highly responsible, always ready to take the toughest of burdens on their shoulders. Unlike an ordinary human being, they do not break down under any circumstance.

● Extremely Concentrated: This is what meditation does to you. It lets you centralize at one point before moving to another. A serious yogi is always goal-centric. Their level of concentration is always full-fledged. They are concerned about their dreams. They are very clear about their intentions, to which they remain undeviated.

● Fastened body: Such is the amount of physical work a Yogi puts on themselves that their muscular system and skeletal system get completely zipped up. They seem to be stronger than a normal person, and why would they not? After all, dedicated Yoga practice is the most powerful natural forms of body exercises.

● Glaring face: Believe it or not, Yogis are very different from others. They emit a unique radiance that no ordinary individual can reflect. The glow on their face tells the story of their hard work, discipline, utter dedication, healthy Sattvic lifestyle, and of course, wisdom.

● Immensely Intelligent and knowledgeable: Yoga is not as simple as one thinks. It is a way of living one’s life. It is a way of teaching. It is a way of learning. A passionate aspiring yogi, after becoming a practised Yogi develops their brain and thinking abilities in every aspect of their lives, whether personal or professional.

● An Avid follower of the Principles and Ethics of Yoga: A Yogi follows a very disciplined and healthy lifestyle. From what-to-wear to what-to-eat, from where to eat to where to sleep, everything in their life is answerable to uncompromised fitness. They follow strict guidelines and teachings as depicted in the yoga philosophy.

● Highly Energetic: This comes naturally in every Yogi. The science of yoga believes that a person has a lot of energy stored in their belly, it is just that one needs to be aware of it. Yoga makes them aware and a firm believer in this stored energy and helps them achieve heights of strength without straining the body or the mind.

● Socially Respectable: Respect follows the third law of Newton. You give respect, you get respect. This giving-respect characteristic comes from within when you follow a well behaved and courteous lifestyle. This is the what yoga teaches you, this is what yoga nurtures you with. Remember, we have already read this in previous points that Yoga is a way of life.

● Highly Optimistic: Happiness is a state of overall freedom which makes headway into one’s life when one does not have to worry about anything. Happiness comes naturally to anybody who lives Yoga. When you come across Yoga enthusiasts, you will feel how cheerful they are.

Most of all, every time you come across a true yogi, you witness an everlasting smile on their face.

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