9 Quick Tips To Choosing A Rocking Chair

By: Rob Barnes

Rocking chairs are arguably the most relaxing chairs available in the markets. Now if only picking the right one was as easy as well. Simply hopping over to the store and choosing the first rocking chair that catches your eye is definitely not the right way to pick one. So what is?

How To Choose A Rocker

1. Size of the rocker: The first thing that you need to check is that this piece of furniture is the right size for you. When you sit on the rocker, your legs should not dangle off the floor but should reach the floor comfortably. However, make sure that your knees are not up against your chest, which will indicate that the rocking chair is small for you. Also ensure that the sit is big enough so that you are comfortable, but not too big that your arms do not reach the armrests properly. Your head should not rise above the back rest but should just reach the headrest.

2. Intended space: The location where you will be placing your rocking chair directly affects what kind you will eventually buy. For instance, if the location is an indoor one, then a padded rocker is an ideal choice, as is one with multiple cushions. But the same rocking seat would be a disaster for an outdoor location as the cushions and padding would get spoilt due to the natural elements. Thus, for outdoor locations such as gardens, lawns, patios etc, you should choose rockers that are made from water proof materials, are durable, and strong enough to withstand natural weather conditions.

3. The rockers: The curved base of the rocking chair is somewhat confusingly also known as the rocker. This is the most important part of the chair, without which it would not rock properly. When buying any rocking chair, make sure the rocker is pitched properly. You can do this by sitting on the chair and rocking it to and fro. If you get a feeling that the chair might tip over, then the rocker is not pitched properly. However, if you can rock comfortably, and there is no danger of tipping over even when you use it as a recliner, then the pitch of the rocker is perfect.

4. The rocking motion: Everyone knows that the motion of the chair should be smooth and continuous. But did you know that you should not have to rock the chair every few seconds? Yes, thats right. A rocking chair that has the complete range of motion will keep going for a couple of minutes with just a single push. So, that is what you should be looking for.

5. Comfort: It should be absolutely comfortable for you. Your hands should reach the armrests comfortably and should fit on them properly. The seat should have a downward slope and should support your lower back too. In addition to being firm, the back and the seat of the rocking chair should be flexible. In other words, if you are not 100% comfortable on the rocking chair, do not buy it.

6. Rocking chair safety: There is no doubt that rockers are very comfortable, but they can be dangerous as well. There is a possibility of feet and toes getting stuck under the rockers, especially those of small children. Thus, if you do have children in the house, you may want to consider buying a glider as it is a safer choice because it does not have any curved rockers.

7. Your budget: It is possible to buy a rocking chair for couple of hundred dollars, but if you want a masterful quality product, be prepared to shell out a few thousands. Thus, your personal buying capacity will also determine which one you choose. One way to get a quality product for less is to buy second hand. A used rocking chair can be cost effective, provided the rocker base is in top condition. All other flaws can be corrected to make your used seat look practically new.

8. Your home dcor: While safety and comfort are the two main criteria when selecting a rocking chair, you should take care to choose one that fits in with the dcor in your home. No one will appreciate a monstrosity in the middle of the living room, even if it is a highly comfortable one. Thus, look around to find a rocking chair that fulfills your needs and is attractive looking.

9. Assembly of your chair: Some chairs arrive in one piece, whereas others have to be put together at home. If you don't like assembling things, you should get one that is delivered completely assembled.

By answering the questions asked above and by keeping the above criteria in mind when choosing a rocking chair, you will definitely be able to find a rocker that fits you like a glove, is extremely comfortable, looks good in your home, and serves you for years to come.

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Rob Barnes writes for My Rocking Chair Guide, a consumer guide dedicated to helping you find the perfect rocker, from styles like gooseneck rocking chairs to wood rocking chairs.

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