9 Irresistible Tips on How to Set The Powerful Mind Set for Dating

By: Joshua Goh

The following are 9 irresistible tips & tricks to ensure a powerful mind set for dating. Use them wisely and you will be bound to have fun and triumph in the dating arena.

1. Burn with Curiosity

Be curious about persons you find interesting, discover out what makes them happy! What are their passions! The best way to get to know someone is to be intrigued about life through their eyes. You may be missing out on something altogether.

2. Avoid Setting Inappropriate Expectations

We are all unique individuals, with our own distinctive life purpose. Expecting and convincing others do things your way does not help them with their life lessons or you with yours!

3. It takes time…

It requires an investment of time and effort to get back into the dating game especially if you have not dated for a while and you are looking for an ideal partner. As we get older and learn from our experiences our must-have requirements for an ideal partner may have changed. Some character traits or behavior patterns that were must haves may now be negotiable. Forget how long you think it ought to take in finding your right partner.

4. Work out a ‘Seize and Let Go’ technique

If you are currently dating someone you enjoy being with yet you know that this person is not THE ONE, do yourself a favor and release the person. By keeping this person in your life keeps YOU and them from being open for the real one. Don’t be afraid to let the other person go if you are not perfect for each other. You never know if your ideal mate is just waiting for you to become available!

5. Be the Playful You!

Embrace an expectation of fun when you go out on dates. Every individual’s best surfaces when having fun. There is no greater way to enjoy yourself and time with others, share it with your date – you being at your best!

6. Listen and Discover

Learn to ask questions and be a good listener BUT do not interview you date. Take initiative to know the real person you are sitting across from. Relax, have fun and enjoy hearing about life from another person’s perspective. Listen for cues, let the conversation flow.

7. Be Captivating

People fall in love because they feel they finally know the real you. Start being YOU right now, in every moment. Don’t wait for tomorrow to let others know you, they may just find you distinctly attractive – right this very moment!

8. Accepting for What They Are

Accept people for what they are. This does not mean however that every individual who comes along is a right match for you nor does it mean that you will completely disregard inappropriate behaviors. You have a choice of whether to see this person again or not.

9. I’m sinking… Help!!

Avoid setting expectations that your date or your partner to rescue you from your life. A healthy and fulfilling relationship means both parties come together as a whole and together you become even more amazing. If you are emotionally deprived you may attract exactly what you don’t want and repel what you do want.

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