8 common sense about social game development

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Media Social Media recently published an article of Nicholas Green, and analysis of development of the social game must pay attention to 8-point common sense. The first thing is to consider raising user participation. In addition, commercialization should not be regarded as the sole pursuit of the development of the game.
Commercialization should not be regarded as the sole pursuit of the development of the game
Social gaming is a huge industry. After all, people have many reasons to develop a social game. Getting huge profits is on the one hand, but never underestimate the well-designed games after having a lot of publicity
The formation of brand value, which is a good way to attract new customers, to improve organizational sense of presence and to earn profit.
The development of a social game is not an easy task. It is not so easy as you want, this is not only simplicity to the formation of a team, determine the goals and management team. If you want to succeed in the high-risk, and competitive social game design, then you must know the following common sense of the development of games:
1. Must let users participate: the first law of designing any social games is to make users join, there must be some players always continued to play the game, and there is something to be able to get them back to game at any time. For example, in the social game "Farmville", crops will wither, which will force players to continue to login in order to ensure that their beloved crop will not be no harvest. This is great, because the player must return to the game from time to time, and they enjoy doing it, there is something let them addictive in the game. No matter what way you use, you have to retain their own users.
2. Commercialization should not be the only pursuit: If your game is to achieve socialize, and money should not be your primary concern question - the commercial obsession leads to many social game developer including Zynga toward to the crisis. What's more, game developers put making money for the primary purpose often failed. After all, the whole mind is full of how to make more money cause you cannot concentrate on the important things, which generally make developers get lost.
3. Short-term profits should not hinder the long-term benefits: You know how to use the game to make money, the key problem is that you do not fully consider the issue, the end result is you lose some users, and cause adverse impact on the brand.
Generally speaking, if you have ideas in the short term can earn a lot of profit, but long-term it seems to cause some negative impact, it is better not to implement it, which is the main reason of the social game industry now in trouble - everyone are keen to make money, doesn't consider training of consumer relations or toward a clear goal, all the people are only concerned about the current situation.
4. Highly intense market competitions: the field of social games is profitable, but it is also filled with danger. Today, it seems that every company is doing game development, the result is a saturated market, consumers have too many choices. In order to succeed, your game must be sufficient to attract attention or have unique characteristics.
5. Unpredictable development environments: social game development environment is changed very rapidly, so that a fully staffed developing team cannot keep up with the speed of change. Users continue to demand more, you need to focus on customer complaints and consider whether they can maintain their enthusiasm. If you're going to do social game development, you need to invest a lot of time and effort, which are similar to organize a social movement. It is a full-time job.
6. Discuss with the advertising partner: encourage people to choose to play your game by cooperation with advertising partners and providing reward, example, when players registered video site Netflix through the social game, provide them with the currency of the game as a reward.
7. People will pay for "cool": if we want a social game commercialization, you do not need to set up obstacles in the game content or let them pay to get an unfair advantage, it is best to give them something to appear cool or gorgeous things, so that they will willingly pay to get, the game "LOL" and "Team Fortress 2" did just that.
8. Do not copy other games: Zynga's decline is the best example. The company's CEO Mark Pincus publicly declared that he does not like innovation, relying on copying other games to get the user, which is obviously not a good way.

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