7 Ways To Have Fun With A Breyer Model Horse

By: Kanooga

Model horse toys provide entertainment value in more ways than one. The whole family can have fun participating in a variety of creative activities centered around Breyer horses. Here is a list of seven different things you and your family can do.

Playing - The first and most obvious way to have fun with model horse toys is for kids to play with them as toys. Kids of all ages can use their imagination to bring their horses to life. With the quality detailed products available today, it doesn’t require as much imagination as it did years ago. There is also a great selection of realistic play sets available for even more fun.

Painting - Bring out your kids creativity by painting your model horses to create completely new models. You can even add mohair to replace their plastic manes. To make this process easier, Breyer horses are available in painting kits that include everything you need to get started including the horse. If you like the idea of giving your horse an overhaul but want to skip the painting activities, you can send your horse to painters who will do the work for you for a small fee. They are easy to find online.

Collecting - Collect your favorite breeds, your favorite colors or whatever you like. Model horse collecting has become a popular hobby. There are hobby clubs you can join where you can meet and talk horses with other members. There are also magazines you can subscribe to for ideas, connections and shopping for previously-owned horses.

Exhibiting – Take your collection on the road by entering model horse exhibitions where you meet at a show site and enter your models into various classes of competition. These shows often take place in hotel banquet halls and attract large crowds. If your horses perform well enough, you can even advance to the North American Nationals, which are held in either Lexington, KY or Las Vegas, NV.

Photographing – You can join photography clubs which hold contests to see who can submit the most realistic photographs of their horses. This combines the art of photography with the model horse hobby. Contestants deck their horses out with realistic saddles, bridles and bits. Props can be added to the photo including fences, cattle, jumps and barns for added realism. They build detailed sets and backgrounds, then use their photography skills to capture the perfect angle. There are even online photography clubs which allow you to upload your photos to enter the competition.

Making Props – Props are anything that enhances a scene for your model horse. Props can include fences, trees and backgrounds. Props are used to make more realistic photos of model horses. You can make them for your own horses or offer them for sale to other model horse collectors.

Making Tack – It used to be a string would suffice for a horse bridle, but not anymore. Collectors today want realistic details for their saddles, halters, bridles, bits, etc. These are all part of the tack that collectors want for their Breyer horses. If you enjoy making your own crafts, you can add this activity to your hobby for more fun.

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