7 Uses For The Versatile Tool that Is Sandpaper

By: Ron Desoza

Sandpaper is the most commonly found item in every household today. It is chiefly known for its abrasive texture which helps remove all kinds of unevenness. Though there is a misconception regarding its use, it can be used in situations other than home renovation. However, the fact that is its smoothening powerscannot be denied. We will look at the multitude of situations, some uncommon ones too, where sandpaper finds purpose.

Scraping of old paint

Sandpaper found its way into our homes, chiefly because of its indispensable use in scratching the oil paint off the walls. Applying a fresh coat of paint on old walls will not look good until the old coat is scraped off.

Sharpening of metal objects

Metal objects like scissors, needles and knives get blunt with usage over time. Sandpaper is a perfect tool to sharpen these things before you decide to discard them. Rubbing a knife inside folded sandpaper will bring back its sharpness; the same goes for needles, poking it on sandpaper will sharpen its edge. You can also sharpen your scissors by cutting through sandpaper. Sandpaper can excellently remove rust from old tools too. Though, used sandpaper will not be that effective, a fresh one will work wonders.

Artist's tool

You will always find sandpaper in an artist's tool case. Artists use it for giving the finishing touch to their art work, as per the requirement. It helps them give that shaded and light look to contrast and highlight the darker part of their art.

Slippery leather soles

Leather soles are known for their slippery nature, people run the risk of losing balance while walking with new leather soles. Sandpaper helps to roughen up the smooth and silky surface of leather soles, thus allowing it to grip the ground better.

Grout remover

Not many people are aware of this usage of sandpaper.However, it is a very good grout remover. The folded edges of fine grit sandpaper brush well against the accumulated grout seams, and forces them to come off. However, you should be careful not to brush it on the tile's glossy surface.

Smoothenwoollens and upholstery

Most woollens and upholstery items start showing up fuzz balls on being washed, which destroys the satiny look of new things. However, you can try rubbing sandpaper lightly on thesefuzz balls to get rid of them. Since you will be working on soft material, you can consider sandpaper with any grit;even used sandpaper will be of help.

Emery board

Emery board is a common component of every girl's make up kit. However, there are times when you need it urgently but cannot find it anywhere; in such situations too sandpaper will come to your rescue. Stroking your nail ends slowly with sandpaper will give you the same effect as your emery board.

There are countless uses of sandpaper; the ones mentioned here are a few examples to justify its reputation for being versatile. So, the next time you come across a piece of sandpaper, keep it in your toolbox rather than throwing it away. You never know when and how will it help.

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