7 Things That Happen When You Have Fast Food Daily

By: Priya M

Consider this. You have had your usual moderately tough day at work with your boss snickering at the reports that took you several hours to make, while your chatty co-worker ranted off. You are finally out of your office, you are hungry, tired and understandably tired.

Sounds familiar? What do you do now? Go home, braving the crazy traffic and spending another hour and cook some healthy food for yourself or take the shorter, much more convenient way and drop into your favourite fast food store with bright cheery red and yellow décor to take care of the hunger?

The second option does seem better. Fast food, generally associated with pictures of a happy clown or beaming uncles, are convenient, cheap and have always been marketed for the youth. However, daily consumption of fast food may not leave you young and healthy for too long. Your mom did not always make you eat homemade food to spite you. Healthy homemade food does have many benefits.

Read on to find out what happens when you have fast food daily:

You gain unhealthy weight: Fast food is high in calories, sodium, unhealthy fats and terribly low in nutrients. This results in quick gaining of unhealthy weight, especially around the belly with frequent consumption of these fast food. Homemade food, even those which are fattening, generally would contain much less quantity of sodium than the fast food alternative.

You will feel drained out: Since fast food is low in essential nutrients required by the body to function well, you will often feel tired even after finishing off a large meal comprising of popular fast food items. Over time with regular consumption of fast food, you would experience rather lethargic and tired all day long.

You will be more prone towards Cancer: Certain chemicals and additives frequently used in fast food have been found responsible for causing human breast, prostate and colon cancers. A hefty price to pay!

You will not feel…relieved: Your favourite fast food, with its high amounts of simple sugars, white flour and empty carbs are the main reason you do not feel, particularly, relieved throughout the day. Also, the high sodium content in your fast food is making you feel bloated all-day long. Not only this, a diet consisting mainly of fast food as opposed to healthy homemade food, also can mess up your kidney and stomach.

Those mood swings will worsen: Lack of mood enhancing nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid, calcium, iron and vitamins, coupled with higher amounts of sodium and simple sugar, your mental health also goes for a toss with the regular consumption of fast foods. Stick to homemade food for a better “peace of mind”. Prolonged consumption of fast foods, regularly may also cause your mental health to worsen, permanently.

Your overall health deteriorates: Fast food with its harmful components and lack of essential nutrients, also might cause your heart, stomach, teeth or bones. A regular consumption of healthy homemade food sounds better, now!

Your skin worsens: Ever dreamt of clear, dewy skin? Well, with your daily unhealthy diet of fast food, you may better forget it. Your skin is reflection of your overall mental and physical health. With an unhealthy stomach, spiked blood sugar level and declined mental health, you may better wave a fond farewell to your good skin dreams.

Come to think of it, fast food is not particularly convenient or cheap. Also, regular consumption of fast food causes you to develop changes in your taste. Don’t like your childhood favourite homemade dish your mom cooks for you, it’s not you, it’s your increased consumption of fast food. Switch over to eating healthy homemade food.

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