7 Steps to Viral Videos

By: David T.

Wondering what makes a video an actual viral video? Has it something to do with viruses that infiltrate your computer and destroy all your data, or is it a video all about viruses? A viral video is a film that has gained popularity via sharing through the Internet using instant messaging, emails, blogs, and other web sharing services. It can be an excerpt of your favorite movie, or a video made by an amateur using any media device available - be it a video camera or even a cellular phone. These videos are edited then uploaded into the web using several websites that promote these types of web sharing. So, how do you go about making a viral video?

1. Know the purpose of your video, which may be just for information, to see yourself on TV, or to promote a certain topic. Then choose the proper subject for your video according to your objectives. This is quite important since you would like to narrow down the topics you want to do to put your idea across. If your objective is to share a favorite scene from a movie or show, then you just need to get a good copy of the show in mind and take the excerpt from there. If you think that you can give a better performance than what you saw, then by all means, prove yourself right. If you feel that you would like to propel yourself to the ranks of those who became famous on the web, then feel free to do what you want. This video will be yours anyway.

2. Decide on what media form to use - an excerpt or your own. This will determine the equipment you need to use for your viral video. Would you like the feel usually gained from professional video production skills on your video? This is probably the best looking yet the most expensive video you can produce. On a very low budget, you can opt to use the video camera capabilities of your cellular phone. It is not only cheap but convenient as well since you can upload your videos to the Internet easily via Bluetooth.

3. Edit your videos. Since there are still several rules and restrictions to follow when submitting video clips, your videos still need to undergo a bit of editing - unless you really want to make a fool of yourself. Editing your videos ensures the continuous flow of the video without the several halts and stops that is very descriptive of amateur videos.

4. When you are already satisfied with your video, then you can either go to a file sharing website such as YouTube, Google Video, or you can even email everyone in your address book and send them the video as an attachment. Just make sure that the one you are emailing knows you or else they might discard it as being junk mail or spam.

5. To create more traffic to your video clip, you can promote it in your blog or provide a link to it via comments you make on other websites. You can also employ free web advertising for your video. Also, use keywords in its description that can make it easier to locate.

6. View other similar videos in order to compare what you have done as well as find out who shares the same interest as you.

7. If you have made your viral video the success that you have dreamed about, it would probably be the time for you to make a new one as a sequel to it. But if your video has suffered irreparable rebuffs, then you still would make one again to avenge your failure.

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