7 Profitable Joint Venture Tactics For Your Blog

By: Liz Tomey

1. Find someone that has a blog related to your topic. Offer to blog about their blog if they will blog about yours. In doing this, you'll both be swapping blog readers that you may have not been able to reach otherwise. Do this with several different people that have blogs related to your topic and soon you will have a huge blog readership.

2. Endorse a product that belongs to someone else via your blog. Ask them to endorse one of your products in exchange. By doing this both of you will benefit from each others blog visitors.

3. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen, or open your word processing program. Now go to a blog search engine and search for keywords related to your blog. When you find blogs related to your blog, write down (or type) the blog website address, any side notes about the blog, and the contact information of the blog owner. Now take your list and start emailing each blog owner for a link swap.

4. Get a group of people together that are bloggers. All of you pick one topic that can be profitable either by promoting affiliate products or by Google Adsense revenue. All of you will start blogging about the topic. Take the RSS feeds from each persons blog, and place them on one website. All of you will make reference to this site where the RSS feeds are placed. By doing this you will all share traffic via a group effort.

5. If you know someone that blogs on the same topic that you do, ask for a blog post exchange. Tell them you will write a "guest" blog post for them, if they will do the same. That way both of you will be giving fresh content from a different person to your readers. Adding some variety to your blogs will keep people coming back often.

6. Create an audio blog post (podcast) for a few blogs related to your blog. Make sure to mention your blog in it. Tell the blog owner if they post the audio blog post on their blog, that you will create an audio blog post mentioning their blog for them, and post it to your own blog. You'll only want to do this with blogs that have a lot of readers because there is a bit more work involved in this tactic.

7. Large businesses actually hire people to blog for them. Not because it's profitable for these big companies but because it let's the outside world know what's going on with these big companies. This starts to build a trust with the people who read these blogs. Knowing this information, I decided to start a testimonial category on my blog. In doing this, people begin to trust me and see me as an authority figure on the topic I am blogging on. You can also do this by telling people you have started a testimonial category on your blog. Ask them to leave a true testimonial on your blog in exchange for something like a free ebook. If they have a testimonial category on their blog, tell them you will give them a testimonial if they will give you one. Always remember though only give true to heart testimonials.

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