7 Possible Reasons Why Your Procurement Management Software Failed

By: Vikram Kuamr

ďMy procurement management software just failed me,Ē you say. However, before you put all the blame on the application, you may also want to know the other potential reasons why it happened:

1. You invested in shoddy software.

Just because it says it is purchasing inventory software doesnít have to mean it is already the most ideal one for you. Worse, it may be a poorly designed program disguised as ďone of the best in the industry.Ē

There are many ways to detect a bad program. One, you can read reviews, both from software experts and users. Get them from websites, forums, and business magazines. Conduct a survey among your business friends.

Try their demo before you buy. Although you canít access all the features, at least you have a basic idea of what it really is.

2. You didnít use it consistently.

Your software can only do so much for you. Inasmuch as itís automated, it still needs you to input the necessary data to process. By being inconsistent about it, youíre only introducing errors including missing information or data that may be difficult to reconcile afterward.

3. You delegated the taskóand forgot about it.

Many small businesses are now lauding cloud-based procurement management software since they can now outsource the activity and pay less on labor. However, your responsibility doesnít really end with outsourcing. Even if you hired the best purchase officer, you still have to keep track of the progress of your supply chain, among others. After all, youíre the business owner and should be on top of things.

4. You failed to audit.

Some businesses feel intimidated when they hear the word ďaudit.Ē It seems errors come a-floating later. But then, thatís basically one of the reasons why you perform auditing: to make these mistakes known and correct them to improve your business processes and avoid costly problems such as fraud.

So if your purchase management crumbles, thereís a good chance that it has nothing to do with the software but more with your failure to audit.

5. You didnít improve your supply chain process.

One of the best things of having purchasing inventory software is you can generate reports complete with graphs and charts for easier understanding. These reports may be created in real-time for a more updated file.

But the work of the software stops there. The interpretation or the analysis rests upon you. Most of all, what you do with your results is your burden. If you, for example, neglect to use it to improve your purchasing model, then itís you who failed, not the program.

6. You didnít train your staff enough.

Although procurement management software is easy to use, it still has some learning curve that can be overcome with adequate training. If youíre delegating the task to somebody else, you have to ensure that you also give him enough time to acquaint himself with the software and its purpose.

7. You did not integrate it with other business software.

Purchasing inventory software works better if itís integrated with the rest of your accounting-related programs. Otherwise, the entire process still feels segmented.

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