7 Natural Ideas For How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

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When your scalp starts to get flaky and fried, you not only crave relief from the itchiness, but you want those dead skin patches to disappear as quickly as possible. Luckily there are a few natural remedies for decreasing the appearance of dandruff. Follow these tips to learn how to get rid of dandruff fast and prevent it from coming back.

1) Eat well. Try to increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables, and decrease the amount of sugar, dairy, fried and fatty food you consume. By increasing the amount of vitamins C & E you get in your diet — found in abundance in leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts — you can reduce your chances of developing dandruff. In addition, you may want to increase the amount of fish in your diet, or begin taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

2) Mix a little bit of white vinegar with some water (about one cup of vinegar to a gallon of water) and use it to rinse hair. The vinegar rinse will help balance your scalp’s pH levels, and prevent any extreme dryness or oil.

3) Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, conditioner or other styling products. Tea tree oil is a known anti-fungal, so if a fungus is the cause of your dandruff, tea tree oil will help clear it up quickly.

4) If you use hair styling products, choose options that are not heavily perfumed as they are less likely to cause irritation. Keep all heat styling tools such as blow-dryers as far from your scalp as possible when you are using them to avoid drying out the skin.

5) Ensure your scalp stays hydrated by using moisturizers and conditioners regularly, especially ones that are intended to prevent or treat dandruff.

6) Use a shampoo that is right for your hair type — that means products for oily hair if your scalp gets greasy quickly, and products for dry hair if your scalp needs more moisture. Either excessive oil or extreme dryness can encourage dandruff, so prevent these by using the correct products.

7) Purchase a shampoo that will help prevent and relieve dandruff. Natural hair shampoos that contain organic ingredients are a good bet — they don’t contain irritants and drying chemicals — and they help restore your scalp’s pH balance. If you find you need a stronger solution to reduce your dandruff, look for dandruff-specific shampoos with ingredients such as zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide and salicylic acid.

Of course, if you try these ideas and your dandruff persists, you may want to contact your dermatologist. The doctor should be able to provide more potential solutions, or worst-case scenario, write you a prescription for a stronger anti-dandruff shampoo.

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