7 Easy Ways To Find KillerContent To Give You Crazy Amount Of Traffic For Your MLM/Network Marketing Endeavour

By: Carina

As an online marketer you build your traffic and credibility in an important way through valuable information. So what kind of content shall you create that is important for your prospects and can give you a lot of traffic and where can you find it.

1. Join the conversations:

An excellent start is to go to the communities, forums, twitter, facebook, etc. and monitor what are the hot topics, what are the most common problems or frustrations that people are communicating.

This strategy will give you enough material to write about that you know for fact your target market is very interested on.

Make a series of articles (blog posts) about the topic to create momentum, eventually people will notice all this content and they will begin to communicate it with their own communities.

2. Share interesting valuable content:

There is an incredible amount of excellent content that you can use for inspiration. Do not copy it, Just use it as a guideline. Visit web pages of other mlm's, subscribe to their newsletters or lists, and analyze their own products, other people's products (affiliations) they propose, their launches and write about that.

3.Reviews of products or tools you are using:

As a part of the mlm/network marketing industry you most likely have obtained courses, e-books, trainings, tools, products, etc. Write reviews about them. Warning do not write about something you don't know anything about just to grab some traffic, be authentic and give some handy information that can benefit your followers.

4. Share your personal experiences and lessons learned:

As an mlm/network marketer you must have a lot of personal stories to share, accomplishments and even challenging experiences that can give some value to new people in the industry.

This tactic is really helpful to create bond and show others that you are a real person that has gone through some issues the same way that your followers will. This will allow you to create a personal connection with your audience at the time that you educate them.

There are lots of situations that a lot of people in this area can relate to, like spending more money than you make, using an outsource company that didn't deliver or spending thousands of dollars for a SEO campaign that didn't gave you any leads at all.

This technoque by itself will supply you with an endless source of 'not to does' type of information.

5. Study the leaders in the mlm/network marketing industry:

If you become aware of some information that offers a great value, share it with your followers, and give your point of view on the matter and give credit to the original author. This is a 2 fold strategy.

First: You grow your credibility with your followers.

You are teaching your audience by exposing them to high quality information that can enrich their business, putting you as a awesome source of useful content. besides, by showing to your audience that you have enough understanding to comment on the subjetc, you are immediately positioning you as an leader to people that sees your your articles or videos. By associating yourself with other leaders, you are recognized as a leader also.

Second: It puts you in good graces with other leaders.

Another benefit of this content strategy is to obtainpoints with the experts. They very much appreciate the exposure they are having through you. This fact can be the beginning of a amazing relationship that could lead to partnerships and lucrative opportunities.

6. Case studies:

Learn one single strategy and put it into practice it for a few weeks or months, as much as necessary time to get some valid results that you can show. You can also generate a split test on something and give details of your end result.

For instance: there are many options to put your content on the top of google, choose one specific way, let's say you pick articles submissions and study different alternatives to get your articles visted by more people. What gives you better results, submitting your articles to a bunch of article directories or to share it in social media sites like twitter, facebook, myspace.

Another example, test for a few weeks or months an effective but easy way to get tons of retweets for your content, giving your pieces of information more exposure. Show others your results and teach them how they can do the same.

7. This ultimate content strategy:

This is by far the most convincing strategy you can apply but it is not for novices, it needs a deep understanding in a specific strategy or hot topic.

Learn a strategy, master ONE single skill that you connect with.

You must be able to conduct courses on the matter and teach classes for it.

These are some of the main matters to select from:

" Pay-Per-Click
" Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
" Video marketing
" Telephone recruiting
" Blogging
" Content marketing

Create juicy content around this and blow people's minds with it. This is the ultimate purpose, to position as a authentic specialist in one specific area. Be renowned as the blogging guy or the video marketing girl for instance.

In a few words, if you create valuable content which people get excitedto get it, as soon as they read it they will be so excited to share it and this will give you SEO benefits consequence of going viral. This at the end, not only will give you traffic, but also will get you credibility and in the end sales.

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