6 Tips towards buying used jeeps

By: Smith3

Buying used jeeps requires the right decision. It is you who will be investing your own hard earned money and also your personal safety. These days, you can easily come across various types of used jeeps in the market. However, you need to be careful while buying used jeeps that are meant for sale. There are certain areas that you need to check while buying used jeeps. They are as follows :

1. Front cross shaped part:

Check towards the round cross member which is located between the front bumper and the grill. There is a possibility for mud, salt and general dirt to get caught inside the cross member area. This is the initial place that you need to check in order to give you a fair idea about the jeeps maintenance condition.

2. Look for body mounts of :

Check the condition of the body mounts of used jeeps that you intend to purchase. Get underneath the concerned jeep and tap around with the help of a hammer. This will help you to locate the trouble spot of the used jeep which was not well maintained by the previous buyer.

3. Locate and check the skid plate :

There is a possibility of mud appearing on the jeep skid plates. If the jeep was maintained well, the skid will not be in a rotted condition. Also, check the condition of the frame mounting points meant for the skid plate. The skid plate is very important for the Jeep. If you find the skid plate in a bad condition, just avoid buying used jeeps of such types.

4. Check the behind cross member:

Usually mud gets caught at the cross member which meets the frame. I am talking about the rear cross member which can be located just before the gas tank. Check the condition of that metal piece.

5. Lookout for the fuel filter mount:

Ensure that the fuel filter of the jeep is cleaned. The fuel filter is located on the driver side frame, just behind the rear cross member. There are some people who try to re-locate the filter by getting rid of the skid mount and fixing it on top of the frame.

6. Rear cross bumper :

The rear cross member is the portion that is finally left for checking. However, it is not a matter of concern. The rear cross member is in the form of a stamped piece of flat stock. Hence, there is hardly any place for mud and crud to accumulate. However, check the cross member where the gas tank straps and skid plate bolts.
When you want to get involved into buying used jeeps, you need to know how to do body checkups. The jeep body has to be checked properly, both in and out as well. This is mainly done to look out for rusted parts or screws. You should also look out for oil leaks and listen for noises or rattles during the test drive. Also, ensure that the used vehicle should have the capability to pass both state safety and emissions tests as well. If you donít checkup small details of the concerned jeep that you are intending to purchase, then you will end up paying more after actual purchase. Hence, buying used jeeps require proper inspection of the entire vehicle.

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Smith Freeman is a freelance writer who writes about the used jeeps. However, in this article I am going to save your time by mentioning various methods to find used jeeps.

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