6 Tips to Finding Cheap Mattress Sets in Ocala Florida

By: drsnooze

Mattress shopping can be an exhausting, confusion experience, especially when keeping your purchase within your price range seems impossible. Regardless of your budget, everyone wants a great mattress at a reasonable price. Before resigning to Craigslist, or the local second hand store, consider these tips to finding a cheap mattress sets in Ocala, Florida:

Depending on how old your box springs are, and what condition they are in, you may not need to replace them. If they arenít squeaking, cracking, or otherwise broken, ask the salesperson if the mattress that youíre interested will still be warranted if not put on a matching foundation. By doing this, you can save between $100 and $400 off of the set price.

If you want a quality mattress that wonít wear out within two years, ask the salesperson to show you the least expensive bed that still has a ten year warranty. These beds are still designed for every night sleeping, but probably donít have memory foam, latex, or specialized coil systems. They are just basic mattresses; they will be comfortable and supportive, but not pricey.

Ask the salesperson if they have any special, unadvertised deals: a floor sample or clearance mattress, a mismatched set, or any other kind of promotion that may be different than a regular, advertised sale. Often, they have something to offer.

Inquire about delivery charges: they can often run anywhere from $60 to $120. It may be cheaper to pick it up yourself.

If you find a clearance mattress, buy wisely. Know that you wonít have a manufacturerís warranty, but youíre probably getting superior quality to what you could afford brand new, in the bag. Clearance and floor model beds are great ways to get better quality at a better price.

Shop a few different stores. Ocala has at least four different bedding shops, and at least twice as many furniture stores. Donít ignore the smaller, local stores Ė they can often make the best deals and are the most accommodating. Donít worry yourself about comparing model to model, just find the most comfortable within your price range in each store, and then choose the one that feels the best, within your budget. Remember to factor in those delivery charges!

If finding a suitable mattress within your price range is still out of reach, there are other options available. Second hand mattresses are available through online bulletin boards and sale sites, often at great prices. Just remember that there is probably a reason why the seller is getting rid of the mattress, and the support wonít be as good as a new mattress. Additionally, ensure that there are no bed bugs or other infestations, and that the mattress was (and will be) covered with a waterproof mattress protector, to protect yourself against disease and infection. You can also just continue to use your current mattress, flip and rotate it (if possible), and possibly just purchase a topper to make the mattress feel more comfortable. A topper will change the feel, but not the support, and may make the bed sleep warmer. It is a quick solution, not a lasting one.

Overall, the best solution to finding cheap mattress sets in Ocala Florida is to do the legwork. Take your time, tell the salesperson what you want, and at what price, and see what they come back with. Visit national and local retailers, and purchase the mattress thatís the most comfortable, within your budget.

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