6 Things You Should Know About Bicycle Repairs and Maintenance

By: Axel Nolan

Bicycling is pure joy. Going on a long bicycle ride is no less enjoyable than zooming past in a motorbike. The advantage with cycling is that the entire exercise is great for your body and mind. It is one of the most enjoyable ways of shedding those extra pounds and getting back in shape. Secondly, a bicycle is the most eco-friendly vehicle in the world because it gives out no emissions and leaves almost zero carbon footprint. However, a bicycle is a vehicle and needs to be maintained well in order to keep it running long without much problem. Here are 6 things you should know about bicycle repair and maintenance.


Cleaning a bicycle is important to maintain its longevity. When dust and grime settle on the bike, the metallic elements, especially the frame, face the risk of being corroded. Wash the bike gently, without using the hose, using soapy water. Use a soft nylon brush to scrub the parts that have accumulated a lot of grime. Make sure that you rinse the bicycle well after washing it with soapy water.

Tire pressure

Always check the tire pressure of the bicycle and ensure that it is at its optimum. Wrong pressure is not desirable, whether high or low. High pressure is risky because the tube of the bicycle might blast when you are riding it. Low pressure is very stressful on your muscles because you need to put in extra effort to keep the cycle in motion. Moreover, wrong tire pressure reduces the rubber tube's life.

Broken spokes

Spokes play a very important role in ensuring a smooth ride on your bicycle. They transfer weight from the hub of the bicycle to its wheel. Sometimes, the spokes break, usually at a point where the spoke meets the hub or wheel. Broken spokes should be repaired immediately in order to ensure safety of your bicycle ride.


The main role of lubrication is to reduce friction in the chain and prevent it from slipping off the crank. Also, when lubrication is low, friction becomes high and the chain could break. However, it is important to choose the right kind of lube based on the climatic conditions of your region. Different lubes are available for dry climates, humid climates and cold conditions.

Loose bolts

Loose bolts can be very dangerous since important parts of the bicycle could just snap off the frame and cause serious injuries to the rider. Get the bicycle serviced once in every few months and ensure that all bolts are perfectly tight.

Seat issues

Seat is where you sit and manage the bicycle from. In order to avoid backaches and other health problems of the musculoskeletal system, the seat should be at the right height. Sometimes, if the bolts that fix the seat in place become loose, the seat level could be disturbed. If you experience discomfort while riding, make sure that you get the seat level set as per your comfort.

Keep your bicycle in good shape and enjoy a great ride.

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