6 Signs You Are A Victim Of Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions

By: Gen Wright

Fraudulent credit card transactions are surprisingly common, and more people are becoming victims of these types of scams. Understanding the signs that you are a target for fraudulent transactions is the only way to prevent this from happening in the future.

Your Credit Cards Are Declined Suddenly

If you go to purchase something online and your card is declined despite having ample funds available, you could be a victim of credit card fraud. This often happens if there is too much suspicious activity going on with your account. Multiple high end purchases in a row or your card information being used on the other side of the country when you just used it in one end is seen as suspicious to creditors. They will often halt the use of the credit card when this happens until you call to see what is wrong.

In rare cases credit card companies halt your activity because you have been using your card suspiciously. Never go on a shopping spree with your card because it is likely to be halted. If this happens it can take some time to remove the holds to prevent fraud from happening.

You Receive A Bill With Unknown Charges

The charges could be small or very large, but a fraudulent transaction is easy to notice. Most people don't realize what happened until they receive their bill with unknown charges. This is why credit card theft is so common. People can simply take what they want and no one will notice until a few weeks or a month later.

Strange Phone Calls Request Your Personal Information

Receiving a phone call from an institution that claims to be your creditor or a bank but asks for your information is never a good thing. Learn the phone numbers your real banks and credit card companies will call from and be sure it is really them. If you are suspicious of the person calling then hang up. This is an easy way for malicious people to steal credit card information fairly easily. The elderly and naïve often fall for this scam.

Small Purchases Are Being Made Without Your Consent

Thieves will often make small purchases over time to gradually steal your money. If you notice small gas or online purchases that you didn't make, then you could be a victim of credit card fraud. Preventing fraudulent transactions is as easy as paying attention to what purchases are made on your card on a daily basis.

Your Local Gas Station Has Skimmers Attached To Card Readers

It's difficult to know whether a gas station has a credit card skimming device attached, but if you notice loose or strange looking readers then that could be a sign that it is a fraud device. Always check your gas pump for skimming devices or pay inside instead. These work fast and steal your information without the card ever leaving your hands. Fraudulent transactions can happen easily if you are not careful.

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With this information about fraudulent transaction, you can invest in the best preventing fraudulent transactions and increase your businesses security.

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