6 Remote Backup Tips: How to Compare Online Backup Options

By: Randolf M. Rutherford

Choosing a remote backup provider these days (when there are so many to pick from) can be challenging. When you compare Internet backup providers, you will quickly see that not all remote backup services are built the same plans and features. Different remote backup providers suit different wants and needs (while some meet no one's needs at all). Be sure you choose the best remote backup provider for you. Follow these 6 tips when you compare your online backup choices.

1. Use online remote backup reviews.

Internet remote backup reviews are there to help you easily evaluate online remote backup providers without using up a whole lot of your time and energy, and without having to jeopardize any money. Remote backup reviews encapsulate all the important qualities and features of every online remote backup provider in a manner that is as easy to absorb as it is to compare Internet remote backup services.

2. Compare online backup services on their interface.

The interface, typically an Internet-based control panel, is the instrument you will be working with in setting up, conducting, and retrieving remote backup. Therefore it should better be something you are capable using quickly and easily. By checking remote backup reviews or visiting the site for a demo (assuming one is available) of any of their interfaces you can acquaint yourself with the control panel that you might use if you select one remote backup provider over another. Compare Internet backup interfaces mainly for how easy they are to use, not only to see how easy it is to learn and use, but also to see how the button layout accommodates you.

3. Compare online backup services on their remote backup storage allotments.

Most online remote backup companies you will come across when you compare online backup providers offer various rate plans for various quantities (by gigabyte, usually) of data you can back up. Many will also (or instead) suggest an unlimited remote backup plan. This may or may not be beneficial for you. For some, unlimited remote backup is too much, especially when they can find a plan more suitable for their needs at a lower rate. For others, there is no rate appropriate for their immense remote backup needs other than an unlimited backup plan. The tip here is to evaluate your own remote backup storage needs before you compare online backup services on this criterion. Don't pay for more remote backup storage than you need.

4. Compare online backup services for the file types they support.

It is very important that any remote backup provider you consider supports every file type that you would require to have backed up. If you're only backing up .DOC, .TXT, .RTF, .PDF files and other similar documents, there is little to worry about. However, if you are seeking to create remote backup of more complex or unusual computer files, it is fundamental to make certain, that when you compare Internet backup providers you only consider the ones that allow you store every file type you require to upload on their servers.

5. Compare online backup services on their quality of customer support.

Customer service is everything - you know it and we know it. So it would be nearly negligent to select a data backup service and pay them your hard-earned cash without first checking into their quality of customer support. What are their customer service hours? Around the clock or just during business hours in one time zone of the planet? What methods can you use to get assistance? Is there an elaborate self-help section? Can you reach a real person by toll-free phone or online chat? Or must you submit an email form and wait for a reply in order to get the data backup help you need? These are all very important questions to ask when you compare online backup providers.

6. Look for a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

As a final point, you do not have to necessarily rely only on what you learn at remote backup review sites to make your selection. At Online-Backup-Ratings.ca you will see that many online remote backup companies have various kinds of free trials of their services or offer a money-back guarantee for the first few months. This way you can experience their services yourself without losing any money.

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