6 Packaging Secrets To Effective Marketing

By: Stevie Bullock

Every so often we come across a product that immediately catches our attention with its unique packaging. The product itself may not be one-of-a-kind but the presentation is so creative that we just have to purchase it. So how do these geniuses manage to come with such novel ideas?

Successful packaging is about speaking to consumers from the heart and engaging their sense of what's worthy to be bought. There are so many brands around, logos, colors, taglines etc that a product can easily get lost in this sea of offerings. What successful designers do is enable a product to stand out.

Stand out

Standing out not only means using graphics and colors not applied by most brands. It includes shape and form too. Shoppers don't stand for hours and contemplate what to buy. They go for brands they trust and products that catch their attention. People who frequent a particular department store know where everything's located and make a beeline for what they want. The trick, then, is to interrupt this pattern with packaging that makes use of unique symbols, colors, shapes and graphics.

Place information in order

Most of us read from left to right and top to bottom. This means that attractive packaging should deliver the most important information from the top down and left to right. For example, a product offering a freebie always has the word 'Free' in large bold colors on the top left-hand side of the package. This ensures that shoppers don't fail to notice what's on offer. By applying this same technique to package design, designers are able to reach a wider audience.

Appeal to emotions

Gone are the days when the average consumer was taken in by tall claims. Today's shopper is smart and cynical. Aside from using colors and graphics to stand out, a packaged product should include something personal about the maker. For instance, it could be how the manufacturer ensures that all its coffee is sourced from strictly controlled shade-grown beans or a simple testimonial by a coffee grower about how the humanitarian efforts of the manufacturer have helped him financially.

Being able to appeal to the shopper's emotion can have a resounding effect on sales which is what manufacturers and designers should include in packaging.

Highlight special traits

Every reputable brand has something different to offer consumers. It could be using only organic and hand-picked ingredients or a replacement warranty of one year if anything happens to hair dryers. Whatever it is, it should be highlighted on the packaging so shoppers know something different is being offered.

Use humor

Humor has to be one of the most powerful tools capable of attracting attention and building trust. Using a funny line to entice shoppers to try a product is a technique that's not only successful but used the world over. It does require thinking caps to be worn but once a quirky one-liner is decided on, incorporating it on package design can leave a lasting mental imprint.

Keep display cases in mind

Stores use a variety of display cases and freezers to accommodate products. Depending on what's being sold, frozen goods are placed in freezers, dry goods on shelves and so on. If a product must be frozen to retain freshness, it'll have to hide behind glass that's frosted over. This means visibility is compromised and package design can't be clearly seen. Designers, therefore, must factor in this point and make sure packaging can't be missed no matter where it's placed.

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