6 Novel Golf Drivers on the Market

By: Jim O Connell

Now that golf season will be here again soon for most people, I believe it is a good time to consider a few of the hot golf drivers on the market. This conversation is not meant in order to be a all-inclusive look at all the new drivers on the market, but merely a look at a few that we thought deserving of taking a closer look at if you are in the market. As usual, most companies have been marketing their new golf drivers, therefore let's check a few.
Using a lightweight carbon-fibber crown, they have reduced the weight of this golf club head to just 195 grams. The head still has a low center of gravity despite its lighter weight, and the lightweight shaft is meant to improve swing speed. Golfers that have reviewed this golf club found its combination of distance and forgiveness being a main benefit.
It has a thin crown to save lots of weight, a hosel that will allow for 32 changeable settings and a variable-thickness cup face to improve off-center hits. The adjustable hosel seems much less noticeable with this year's version. It has quite a powerful sound and feel.
Ping uses an external weight pad that is centrally located in the rear sole to help you hit the ball higher and with lower spin. Rather than reducing the weight of the club head, they've placed the center of gravity within the shaft closer to the end grip of the golf club. Golfers who have used it enjoy its stable feel and label it extremely forgiving.
Their philosophy is to assist golfers to generate velocity through a lightweight golf club. A 48 gram shaft gives the club an total weight of lower than 280 grams. A sloping crown and low-riding sole push the center of gravity low to provide a higher launch with less spin. Golfers who use it term it long from the tee, but forgiving.
The 16 settings within the adjustable hosel allow the club's loft and lie angle to become manipulated independently. This helps optimize each player's launch conditions. It has a thinner crown than earlier Titleist drivers, which helps lower the center of gravity. Reviewers for this club appreciated its adjustability factor.
This driver is targeted for the mid-high handicap golfer. Cobra employs an elliptical face and beveled perimeter, producing a sweet spot that they claim more closely reflects the miss-hit pattern of average golfers. The face results in a 30% larger sweet spot.
As stated previous, these new golf drivers on the market are not all that are available this year. But it gives a representative sample that a few of the top golf club manufacturers have to offer. So give them a try, as it looks like this year's new crop of golf clubs offer something for everyone.

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We have a few articles on our website that we think you will find helpful: The Correct Golf Swing deals with the basic fundamentals of the swing, and A Consistent Golf Swing talks about simplifying the swing to make it more consistent. Jim O'Connell is an avid golfer and writer living in London.

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