5 Website Design Bloopers to Avoid At All Costs

By: Owen Barron

The internet is flooded with millions of websites and there are still thousands more in the making. In a quest to stand out from the crowd, webmasters are turning to advanced features and graphics to give an edge to their sites and attract more traffic. But, it is not the complication in navigation that users are looking for, rather simplicity in usage. The website you design should be clean, simple and intuitive and users should be able to glean the information they want in a single glance. Here are some common mistakes web developers tend to make when building a website.

Cluttering the Home Page

In the first 20 seconds of visiting the home page, the visitor makes an opinion about your website and brand. You need to make a killer homepage that not only captivates their attention, but also encourages them to continue browsing. If you pack your website with too many links or content, they will probably shut the browser in less than half a second. Less is more for a website today. Offer visitors the information they are looking for, without bombarding them with images and texts.

Poor Readability

You might have a great interface design, but it is useless without proper content to go along with it. Users not only need to see the website, but also absorb the information you are trying to convey to them. Some web developers tend to use the most ridiculous font sizes and colours that make reading pretty much torturous. Try different colour schemes and sizes; understand how certain font designs make for better readability. You can also observe major websites and learn how they have perfectly synchronized their layout designs with fonts.

Improper Content Layout

The content eventually drives traffic to your site. If you underestimate the value of a well-structured content, you are out of the game before you realize it. Visitors do not have time to go through your content word by word; they will probably just take a rough scan and pick the points that are of interest to them. This is why it is crucial that you give proper heading, sub-headings, title and bullets to make your site content more presentable. Give each page a proper title so that users know exactly where they are and what use that page have to them. It will save their valuable time.

Complex Navigation

This one is the worst rule in the book to break. Changing the navigation from page to page will remove the wind out of your sails even before it sets off. The one and only goal of your website is to provide the information that users are looking for as quickly and as easily as possible. A complex navigation pattern will frustrate visitors causing them to leave early. Strive to keep it simple.

Going Live without Prior Testing

You might have put your life and soul in building that perfect website, but still there are things that can go wrong. Subtle, yet important things, such as spelling mistakes, broken links or alignment issues are easy to overlook. Before putting your site out there, get a second opinion; get an expert to test your site just to see if everything is right. You do not want embarrassing bloopers to be pointed out, after you have launched the site.

Such minor points can make a huge difference; little more attention on your side can help detect most of these flaws.

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