5 Ways to Eliminate Unnecessary Friction and Boost Productivity

By: Lily Alvin

Friction is not good for the business. It is created by daily tasks which do not have any significant importance in improving the productivity of daily tasks. The tasks that create friction end up affecting the efficiency of daily tasks. They irritate customers and employees alike. Anything that comes in the way of conversions is termed as friction.
It is important to think strategically and come up ways of decreasing the friction in daily tasks so that the production of your work is improved. Each and every element that causing friction is costing you money so get rid of it as soon as possible. Here are some of the big categories where you should eliminate friction elements to achieve better productivity.
Getting rid of time friction:
If there is time friction it can have a lot of negative effect on conversion. If you have a website, then the time that it takes to upload can also be an element that slows down the process and it can be annoying to the clients. Make sure it is easy for customers to navigate. It should be easy to handle the forms and buying process. If the processes are taking too long, then the conversion will be less. Make sure that the checkout process does not take too long. If the checkout process is too slow it will cause the users not to convert.
Not having adequate tools:
It is important that the businesses are equipped all the tools that are essential for it. Each business needs to have some specific tools to make sure that it runs smoothly and there is no friction. If you are running a food business, then it is important that it has commercial freezer and refrigerators so that you can accomplish all the tasks without any problems. Investing in unnecessary tools costs your money. Do not go for fancy looking tools. Always prefer to buy tools that can help in productivity of the business.
Eliminating attention friction:
The conversion depends on a lot of attracting the attention of customers. Make sure that you are able to direct the attention of users to the area which is going to earn a profit. Try not to add too many distractions. Make sure you are able to get the attention of users and hold it. The longer you are able to hold the client's attention, the more they will explore. Get rid of all the things that result in attention friction. Make sure that the people are not distracted by things which are not important for conversion. The buying process should be without unnecessary distractions so that they proceed to buy without getting distracting.
The friction of layout:
The layout is important whether you have an online business or a store. If you have an online business, then the layout of the business is critical for decreasing friction and enhancing conversion. The website should be easy to navigate. It should be easy for the visitors to find the required items or products. If the navigation is difficult the users will find another online store where the buying process is easy.
The frictionless layout is essential even when you are running a retail store. Make sure that the layout is designed to ensure easy traffic. The customers should have a smooth and excellent shopping experience. The presentation of the products should be attractive and people should find it easy to find the products.
Providing employee autonomy:
It is easy to provide easy and frictionless service by offering autonomy to the employees. It is important that you evaluate where approval is important and give the employees the power to make decisions. It will help in speeding up procedures.
To achieve the best conversion rates, it is important to identify the elements that may cause friction in daily tasks and try to eliminate them.

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