5 Warning Signs That You Need A Dentist

By: Enrique Mcgee

They say you should visit your dentist twice a year, but who are "they" anyway?! Maybe you can avoid the dentist if you just brush your teeth a few times a day and floss occasionally. Nobody will notice, right? Your teeth will be totally fine. Wrong. The fact is, semi-annual dental appointments are critical to maintaining a great smile and dental hygiene. But in case you are still uncertain, here are 5 warning signs that you need a dentist.

- You are not a shark

Look in the mirror. Take a good hard look and really analyze it. If you realize that yes, indeed, you are not a shark, you may have some issues. Sharks have about 5 rows of teeth at any one time, and continue to create new ones as the old teeth fall out. But human beings get only one set of baby teeth and one set of adult teeth. If you are in fact not a shark, you have much less room for error (along with a much smaller appetite!). Make sure to visit your dentist or you'll be in trouble!

- Children use Yellow Crayons to Draw Your Teeth

This is just embarrassing. Teeth are supposed to be drawn as outlines and not even colored in. However, if a child uses a yellow crayon to color your teeth in a picture, there is definitely an issue. Either the child is really, really mean, or you need a dentist immediately! Don't fall into this embarrassing trap and make sure to notice this warning sign!

- Your Smile is Comparable to a Hockey Player

If you are on the Olympic hockey team , this warning sign does not apply to you. You probably get hit all the time and teeth are bound to fall out, no matter how many mouth guards you use. However, if you are not a hockey player but 4 of your front teeth are missing, there is something wrong. You either need to do a better job of avoiding punches in the face, or visit a dentist.

- It Hurts to Chew

Do you painfully wince every time you bite into something cold or sweet? Well either you are just a big cry baby or you have some dental problems (or both!). Tooth sensitivity is a clear sign that you need to visit a dentist, and may signal the development of a cavity. A dentist will help you take care of this issue.

- You haven't kissed anyone in months

Of course you'll have your low point every once in a while. But if every time you go in for the kiss, your partner turns away and gives you the cheek, your dental hygiene may be to blame! Avoid this embarrassing disaster and get to a dentist before you sit through another awkward date. It doesn't have to be this way! Your dentist is no dating coach, but they certainly will contribute to giving you a beautiful smile.

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