5 Wackiest Baby Gifts for New Moms

By: Gros Zouzone

Newborns bring a lot of joy and bliss to their parent's life. However, taking care of newborns is not always an easy job, as they need a lot of care and attention. Since babies are very delicate, parents, especially mothers, need to have all those necessary baby accessories that can make their parenting job easier. If you are scratching your head to find out the perfect baby gift for a new mother, go through this article and see if you can glean some ideas.

Pee Pee Teepee

Pee Pee Teepee is the perfect gift that you can gift to the mother of a baby boy. It is an absorbent terry cloth material sewed in the shape of a little cone. This unique baby accessory is quite helpful while changing nappies. It rectifies the age old drama of baby boy's projectile pee while changing diapers. This flannel shaped cloth can be placed over your baby boy's fireman to absorb his piddle during diaper changes. Pee Pee Teppee usually comes in packs of ten, and they can be washed and used over and over again.

Zaky pillow

Newborns want their mothers to be with them all the time. They need the warmth of their mother's hand, even when they are asleep. However, it is not possible for mothers to hold their babies while they are napping, as they have to do other household errands. So, give your baby a bonding hand with a Zaky pillow which makes your baby feel protected, comfortable, accompanied and secure. It is nothing but a set of fake hands that tricks your baby into thinking that it's you.

The Baby Keeper

It is difficult for a mother to hold her baby while using a public restroom. So, the baby keeper is also an ideal gift for a new mom, since she can easily use a restroom when she is out for grocery shopping or evening stroll with her little one. It is basically an infant carrier style seat, which can easily be hanged on the wall of almost every public restroom. It can also be used in many public fitting rooms and locker rooms. Baby keepers are completely reliable, since they are made of the finest material for your child's safety.

NoseFrida Snot Sucker

You cannot poke your finger in your baby's nose to clean the mucus, since their nostrils are very small, and it is not even a very hygienic way to do to that. Nosefrida snot sucker is a nasal aspirator which designed to remove mucus from your baby's runny nose. This unique device sucks up all the mucus, snots, junk, and germs without damaging the delicate mucus membranes of your newborn. Don't worry your babies germs will not pass on to you, since it is 100% hygienic thanks to the filters included.

Roller Buggy

How about carrying your baby in a buggy that converts into a scooter? Roller buggy is one of the best gifts that you can gift to the parents of a newborn. It is perfect for people with affinity to fast moving means of transportation with a kid. The roller buggy not only saves your time, but also the best way to reach to the destinations that are not too far and not so close to your home. You need not take your car every time you need to go to a nearby grocery store or shopping centre.

Hopefully, the above mentioned ideas will help you choose the perfect and the most unique baby gifts for new mothers.

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