5 Useful Tips For Your Mac’s Application Switcher

By: Brooke M. Perry

If you are into the habit of running multiple apps on your Mac PC, then Mac’s Application Switcher is going to be a quite helpful and handy utility for you. The Mac Application switcher aka command+ tab helps you in smoothly switching between the active or open applications. But the functionality of this command is not limited to here only as a lot more can be done using this command. On collaborating with four more commands, you can use application switcher to master the art of running and handling of multiple apps simultaneously.

Tip One

With the help of this built-in application in Mac, you can switch between currently opened applications with amazing ease and smoothness. Using this command is very easy, you simply need to press hold the ‘Command’ key and then press the ‘Tab’ key. This will show up a row with the icons of the currently open apps in your Mac. To scroll through the app icons, just continue pressing the ‘Tab’ key and you will jump across the app icons, with the particular icon getting highlighted over which you are hovering. You can choose to release the ‘Command’ key whenever you feel that you are over the particular app (the highlighted app) which you want to open. On releasing the ‘Command’ key the respective app will open.

Tip Two

Suppose you have many apps opened in your Mac, and the particular app that you want to open is either steps to the right or one step to the left. But as most of the users know, Application Switcher moves forward on hitting the ‘Tab’ key means, one has to jump over eight tabs to get over the targeted app. However instead of that, if one could have jumped one step backward, then the process would have become quicker.

You can choose to move backward just by holding the ‘Command’ key and then pressing the ‘`’ (the key just below the Esc key).

Tip Three

App Switcher also allows you to quit from the currently opened app. You don’t have to go around the app individually to get them closed rather you can simply hold the ‘Command ‘ key and press the ‘Tab’ key to jump over the app icons till you reach the one that you want to quit. Once you get over that app icon, simply press the ‘Q’ key.

Tip Four

Just like you can quit from an app, you can also choose to hide an app from appearing in the row. This is quite similar to the trick of hiding apps from the keyboard. Just like the ‘Quit’ trick, simply start out the App Switcher and continue highlighting the apps till you reach the app you want to hide. On reaching the particular app press the ‘H’ key to hide.

Tip Five

If you want to switch to an app with its window minimized or closed, then you can easily call up the app's windows. To do this, bring up the App Switcher and continue hitting ‘tab’ key till you reach the desired app, now before releasing the ‘Command’ key, press and hold the ‘Option’ key. By doing this you can bring up the most recently minimized one.

Using these interesting tips you can make Application Switcher more useful and also enhance your computing and browsing experience over your Mac. Application Switcher is a great feature to rely upon as it makes your working with Mac quite prompt and quick. These tips are easy to grasp and with little bit of practice you will become comfortable in performing these with noticeable ease.

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