5 Tips that help you work quickly on weaker Internet connections

By: Brooke M. Perry

Have you ever felt that you are wasting much of your time online in waiting for websites to load? Is video streaming appearing as bad slideshows or your social networking account is talking too long to comment on your friendís profile picture? This probably is the result of a poor Internet connection. If you are experiencing slow browsing because of some crisis at your ISPs end, poor climatic conditions or any other natural calamities then its fine. But if these are not the reasons, then you must check your Internet connection.

In this article you have been cited 5 effective tips that can help you work quickly if your Internet connection is running slow. You can try these steps for fixing or improving your poor connection.

1. Try changing your browser

Browser plays a vital role in speeding up your Internet connection as it often uses a lot of resources of your PC to function properly. If you are facing sluggish PC speed while website loading, video streaming and even downloading, then you must try changing your existing browser to an advanced one. Opera is an ideal browser if your are faced with slow Internet connectivity. The Opera turbo compression technology performs excellently on slow network connections while Google Chrome requires little memory and works efficiently on websites having JavaScript and Flash.

Firefox is another popular browser, which has extensions for blocking elements such as JavaScript, advertisements, Flash, and other things for smooth functioning even on slow connections. Adblock Plus is an add-on feature of FireFox, which remove the ads from your browsing and helps to boost up loading time of websites.

2. Close all unwanted tabs

Close all unused and unwanted opened tabs to speed up your browsing experience. For keeping you well-informed several pages automatically refresh themselves in a few minutes and even seconds. They consume extra bandwidth of your Internet connection and results in slow web browsing. News websites, social networking sites, websites offering deals and other such sites refresh themselves even if youíre not looking at them.

3. Check your Internet speed

If you are facing slow Internet speed constantly then it might be possible that you are not getting for what you have paid for. Visit your Internet service provider's website and figure out the details of the plan you have purchased. After obtaining all the necessary details, log on to Speedtest.net and take the free speed test of your Internet connection.

Now compare the details of the plan to the numbers you have attained in speed test and judge whether you are getting for which you are paying for or not? If the numbers get matched, then the speed you are getting is fine and you have availed a slow Internet connection. The best way to resolve this problem is to get an upgraded plan with more speed that offers faster browsing.

4. Fix and troubleshoot your hardware

Before complaining to your Internet provider, always check your modem and router. Just switch off your router, range enhancers and modem, unplug cables and wait patiently for a few minutes. After sometime, plug in the cables again and switch it on to see if this helps. If you have multiple PCs at your place, check whether the Internet connection is slow only on a particular computer or on every other machine. If the problem is only on one system, then your PC is having the problem while your router or modem is fine.

5. Change your Wi-Fi channel

Multiple devices operating on similar channel may result in slow Internet connection or other networking issues. In a household, a wireless phone, a tape recorder or a traditional television may work on the same channel as your Wi-Fi does, and may result in poor signal delivery or complete signal loss. Your router comes with numerous channel settings, so you are advised to experiment with them to find out the best channel setting that offers you maximum signal strength and speed to enjoy the best performance.

Working through a slow Internet can be frustrating and annoying when it harms your productivity. It can also cause hindrances in downloading of files, watching a movie or playing music to make you upset. So, next time when you are experiencing a weak Internet connection rather than getting panic, use these above mentioned tips to get yourself back with speedy browsing and downloading.

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: Brooke M. Perry is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve computer security with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of online computer support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe. www.qresolve.com/online-computer-support.html

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