5 Tips To Help You Quit Smoking For Good

By: Terence Young

There is little dispute these days that smoking is harmful to your health. The statistics are alarming to say the least, accrediting smoking to a whole host of illnesses many resulting in death. If you don't want to become another statistic and no longer want to be disillusioned into thinking that it will never happen to you then it's time to start with a plan of action to quit smoking today.

If you have tried to quit smoking in the past then you no full well the withdrawal symptoms and the sheer psychological battle it is to kick the habit successfully. The only saving grace is knowing that if you can stay of lighting up a cigarette for 30 days then chances are good that you can kick the habit for good. It just begins one day at a time.

Here are some useful tips to help you quit smoking for good.

1. Find an accountability partner. Find someone who wants to kick the habit as much as you do or better yet find someone who has already kicked the habit who you can enlist as your accountability partner. That way you now have someone who is holding you to seeing you fulfill your goal of not smoking. The great thing with having an accountability partner is you have someone there when the going gets tough and when you lose your motivation you can have someone there that can pick your spirits back up. Setup a system to track each other whether it is calling each other or meeting with each other on a regular basis. Another great tip is when you get the urge to light up you must make a call to your accountability partner before lighting up. You will be surprised how often your accountability partner can console and talk you out of lighting up when given a chance.

2. Now that you have an accountability partner your next step is to quit smoking cold turkey. Forget about all the nonsense of quitting by reducing your smoking or nicotine intake over a period of time. Not only is it just giving you more reason to keep with the addiction it just doesn't work well. If you quit smoking cold turkey then the reality is that you know if you are cheating or not by whether or not you are lighting up. It's simple to keep track by your accountability partner because you either smoked or not. The alcoholic or addicted gambler now full well that if you do have a problem you don't keep doing it but to stop it today. The best time to quit smoking was yesterday the second best time to quit smoking is today so why not start today. It's not too late.

3. The key to helping you quit successfully cold turkey is to now replace your habit with something else. This is your chance to choose a habit that is beneficial for your life instead of one that has been detrimental. This is your chance to start a new life for you in a stance and hopefully you are making this decision before a serious health scare. If not than you know full well the urgency of making this quit smoking attempt work. Some great habits you can think about taking up is taking up a fitness class, not only will this be great in improving your health but you get a chance to meet up and be around health conscious people which can rub off onto you.

4. If you need help use nicotine replacement products. If you are struggling with the nicotine withdrawal instead of lighting up a cigarette and falling of the wagon look into nicotine replacement products instead. There are many great products on the market today ranging from gums to patches. The idea is not to create a new dependence on these nicotine substitutes. Instead of buying the gum or patches and using it to systematically reduce your nicotine addiction, use it on a need to use basis.

5. Take up breathing exercises to clear your lungs and reduce your withdrawal symptoms. You have possibly spent years destroying your lungs with the toxic smoke it's time to do your bit to help your lungs. Breathing exercises not only help you to utilize your maximum oxygen efficiency but buy pumping your body better with oxygen it also acts to reduce your nicotine addiction. Great breathing methods include yoga and tai chi. Why not take up a fun class and take your mind off your cigarette addiction.

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