5 Television Repair Myths Debunked

By: Tom Jovovch

Folks usually prefer repairing their TV sets themselves and more often than not end up with a blown fuse. Why spend on hiring a professional when you have enough knowledge on electronics? But mere possession of knowledge won't take you far. Experience does matter after all. I have debunked here the 5 most common myths surrounding TV repair.

A defective power button leads to the loss in the supply of power to the TV: One single bad part in the power circuit usually causes the TV to have no power, and doesn't have to be simply the power button. Since today, most TV systems operate with the help of a remote; the power button being defective is quite unlikely.

If the picture doesn't show, you will have to replace the panel in case of LCD and Plasma TVs: Hold on a moment there! Just because you are rich doesn't mean you have to find any possible way to spend your excess cash. Replacement of an LCD or a Plasma TV panel costs a fortune. If the picture doesn't show, there is a higher chance of there being some other issue with TV than simply a damaged panel.

Your TV is dead? Change the fuse: Changing the fuse may be apparently the simplest of solutions, but it may prove to be the most harmful for your TV. Fuse is almost never a solution to a TV problem. As you might know, a fuse blows up when too much power passes through it. This is usually caused when another part within the TV's circuitry seeps in the wrong amount of juice. Fuse replacement will simply result in more number of bad fuses. If you are bent on replacing the fuse, scour the electrician's warehouse for an exact replacement. Installing the wrong one will result in more damage to your TV set. And more importantly, don't bypass the fuse or don't try any trick to get past a bad fuse. You are more likely to blow up your house than just the fuse.

All TV repair firms know which TVs breakdown the most: TV repair firms may boast of more knowledge than even the manufacturer, but most such firms are usually selfish. Fishing for advice from such TV repair firms is a bad idea. They usually leave out the TVs which they don't like to work on and recommend the others, regardless the frequency of breakdowns. They most certainly won't be able to enlighten you on which TVs break the most or the least. Try to purchase the brand names which you know are the reputed ones. Recommendations from acquaintances are welcome, unless of course they have worked for such repair firms before. Some select repair firms will give an unbiased view though. Hope you get the point!

If the one you purchased turns out bad, blame it on the brand: TV repair firms apart, now you are being selfish! Consider the statistics. If the manufacturer produces millions of TVs and half a percent of those turn out to be defective, that about 5000 bad TVs. This might be a huge number for you as a consumer, but the stats are pretty good for a manufacturer. Anyway, a professional TV repairer will be more than able to fix your set for a minimal charge.

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